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Stretch Those Goals! One & Two, and One &… [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • Stretch Those Goals! One & Two, and One &… [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Since the Scion 2e Kickstarter has been going so well, and has rocketing through its Stretch Goals like there’s no tomorrow, I thought it might be worth examining how we are looking at the Stretch Goals for this particular Kickstarter.

    What are Stretch Goals? In a Kickstarter campaign, once the funding goal has been met, it has become a standard thing for the project creators to offer additional goals that offer rewards based on passing further pledge amount totals. So the KS was funded at $50,000, and then if more than $65,000 is pledged, the project*creators promise to send all backers a pony.

    Well, you laugh, but some crowd-funding campaigns have promised some pretty crazy things as Stretch Goal rewards. This is mostly because of inexperience and the sort of feedback loop creators get into with very successful KSs where they want to keep everybody engaged and having fun and talking about their KS to get even more people involved and pledging.

    I went through that with a few of our early big, big KSs, but began to codify what I was willing ...


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