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[Pugmire] October Update!

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  • [Pugmire] October Update!

    Greetings, good dogs! I have a lot to cover, so let’s dive right in!

    As I mentioned last month, I took a few weeks to carefully go through and carefully revise everything in the manuscript so the stuff I wrote several months ago lines up with the stuff I wrote last month. It’s now in the hands of the editor (Dixie Cochran, who was the editor for Early Access), and I should be getting it back in early November.

    I’m also working on art notes with Rich Thomas and Mike Chaney. This includes the folks who backed to have their dogs and cats drawn as characters — as I mentioned last month, some of the cat characters will be moved to Monarchies of Mau, but I’m pretty sure every dog character will be in the book in some way, and I did find a way to sneak a couple of the cat characters into this book. We’re getting artists on board and kicking around ideas to make this book look as amazing as possible with the budget we have.


    As promised ...


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