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Deja-Vu All Over Again [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • Deja-Vu All Over Again [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Well, maybe not deja-vu, but I’m looking at no real changes in our Production Updates this week and it seems like the same list as last week.

    What we really have happening is that things are building up steam and we’ve been working behind the scenes to launch them big-time. Nothing we can announce, and mostly really not stuff that is all that exciting about the projects themselves. More like putting people and procedures into place to enable projects to rock on.

    Mirthful Mike is working with three and possibly four other freelance*layout designers and getting them up to speed on our formats and design needs so that his area can get more projects to a state both our community, and our good friends at the new White Wolf Publishing, can review. Rollickin’ Rose is settling in to her new full-time role and reaching out to developers, writers, and editors, to lend her assistance in getting past whatever is blocking or slowing their freelance efforts.

    In fact, she and I just had a great scheduling talk with Holden Shearer about the next books ...


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