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Scions & Vampires & Pugs! Oh My! [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • Scions & Vampires & Pugs! Oh My! [Monday Meeting Notes]

    First up: Scion 2e‘s Kickstarter is in it’s last week, and we’ve been overwhelmed by the support and interest in our little project! Above, you’ll find one of the new pieces of art (this one by artist Kayla Woodside) we’ve already commissioned for the book, and we’ll have a few more previews out before the KS is over on Saturday!

    During an interview with developer Neall Raemonn Price and myself that you can find here:*I gave this answer:

    “With just under a week left, do you have any last minute plans/offers for driving the final stretch goals?”

    RT: Why yes we do! We have more stories for the anthology, more sections for the Companion, and more creatures for the Bestiary. As soon as we get back approved designs and pricing for the Scion 2e Dice, we’ll offer that as a Stretch Goal unlock for adding on to your pledge, we have another dice/character sort of thing that isn’t like those dice in the offing, and if we get to a certain pledge level, there’s a little community content ...


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