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  • Now Available: Red List Shirts!

    RedBubble’s categories are limited to 100 designs apiece. We had… well, we had a*lot of Vampire designs. This week’s bundle*is so big that it pushed us over that limit, so we’re now splitting things into two categories: Vampire: The Masquerade art*and Vampire: The Masquerade symbols.

    The latest batch covers the thirteen most nefarious individuals the Camarilla is aware of, known collectively as the Red List, as featured in the recent Dread Names, Red List. Each is featured with the words “Red List” and Roman numerals indicating their position on that list. Collect ’em all!

    XIII: Rabbat
    XII: Raymond Narcisse
    XI: Kiyoko Shinsegawa
    X: Christopher Barrow
    IX: Alex Swift
    VIII: Germaine
    VII: Francisca Santos dos Rodrigues
    VI: Ayisha Jocastian
    V: Karen Antos
    IV: Valerius Maior
    III: Dylan Bruce
    II: Petaniqua
    I: Kemintiri


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