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Scion 2nd Edition Kickstarter: Week 4 (48 Hour Warning!)

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  • Scion 2nd Edition Kickstarter: Week 4 (48 Hour Warning!)

    The Scion 2nd Edition Kickstarter*has been live for four weeks, and is heading into its*final 48 hours!*How’s it doing?

    As I type this:

    We’re currently at an incredible 1138% of our goal, which would place*Scion*as the third*highest Kickstarter Onyx Path has run in terms of percentage if we were to end right now.*We’re within inches of Exalted 3rd Edition’s 1141%.
    We have 3489*backers, which places Scion as the third*most-backed Kickstarter Onyx Path has run.
    We have an astonishing*$284,516, which makes us the sixth-highest funded Onyx Path Kickstarter.
    We’ve hit 24*stretch goals so far, including:

    The Scion Companion, which includes the return of the Loa, the Gallic pantheon, the Yazata, 1e -> 2e Translation Guide, mortal cults, build*your own Pantheon (feat. the Atlanteans), build your own Purviews, and Relics
    Scion Kickstarter T-shirt
    Introductory fiction from Kieron Gillen, author of The Wicked + The Divine, Journey Into Mystery, Phonogram, etc.
    Scion Jumpstart
    Scion Fiction Anthology w/ eight*stories
    Scion LARP
    Scion: Origin Ready-Made Characters, featuring ten pre-Visitation characters
    Scion Interactive Audio Drama from our partners at Earplay
    Upgraded art budget
    Scion Bestiary, including sections on giants and therianthropes
    Scion dice!
    Blacksheets character management app

    There are only 48 hours left to ...


    Onyx Path
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