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Endless Ages excerpt 1: Tiger

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  • Endless Ages excerpt 1: Tiger

    This Halloween we’re celebrating Vampire: The Masquerade’s 25th anniversary with the Endless Ages fiction anthology, with stories covering every era from Vampire’s 1st Edition through to the 20th Anniversary Edition.

    We begin our journey with a preview of “Tiger” from author Michael J. Martinez:

    When Vampire: The Masquerade came out in 1991, it was the freshest, craziest thing my gaming group*had ever laid eyes on. Sure, we’d played horror games before — Chill, Call of Cthulhu — but this was*different. This time, we were the monsters. And we reveled in it! We roleplayed our tragically hip,*gothic-punk angst with gusto. We were beasts! Lest beasts we become! (Dude, we were 19 and in*college. Shut up.)

    But our Storyteller (hello, Drew!) was very keen to remind us that the myth of the vampire was far more*than just Victorian romance and Cure songs. When our characters met their elders, and the elders’*elders, we faced real monsters. He made them alien, cruel, inscrutable, and horrifying. Afterwards,*when the game was done, the lights were on and the beers were flowing, we talked more about the*machinations of these horrible ...


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