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Unpacking a Content Community, and Other Stuff [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • Unpacking a Content Community, and Other Stuff [Monday Meeting Notes]

    But before I talk a bit about a bunch of the Scion 2e KS*Stretch Goals and why they are important to you, even if you’re not into Scion, I’m gonna mention that today starts the excerpts from The Endless Ages Anthology for Vampire: the Masquerade.

    Like I mentioned last week, we will be running excerpts from this book of all-new, all-original, fiction stories that span all four editions of Vampire: the Masquerade all the way to Halloween, and the book itself will go on sale this Wednesday. Whenever you first got into VtM, there’s a story in here to evoke that time period and edition!



    Chris Bivins illustration for CofD: Hurt Locker


    Now, let’s talk about the Scion Kickstarter, and specifically the Stretch Goal rewards we included that explore several types of media.

    Long-time readers of this blog know that while I love making books, I’m also very aware that the audience who might enjoy our worlds gets their entertainment in a lot of different forms. Scion 2e‘s Kickstarter campaign’s Stretch Goals included our usual goals to create sections of an RPG ...


    Onyx Path
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