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Endless Ages excerpt 3: Family Photo

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  • Endless Ages excerpt 3: Family Photo

    This Halloween we’re celebrating Vampire: The Masquerade’s 25th anniversary with the Endless Ages fiction anthology, with stories covering every era from Vampire’s 1st Edition through to the 20th Anniversary Edition.

    We continue*our journey with a preview of “Family Photo” from author Matthew Dawkins:

    My story “Family Photo” portrays the vampire as a desperate monster. The protagonist is torn between a self-loathing driven desire for destruction, and the unstoppable need to insinuate into innocent mortals’ lives. She wants everything she lost with undeath, and some of the things she never had in life. “Family Photo” explores the idea of undeath as a second chance, and the cycle of inevitable tragedy vampires perpetuate. The story is firmly entrenched in the idea of Vampire as a setting of personal horror, though windows into the wider World of Darkness appear throughout the text.

    Blot. Blot. Blot.

    She thought the onomatopoeic word over in her mind as burgundy tears ran rivulets down her cheeks and stained the curled photo in her left hand. It was as if her tears targeted the faces of the smiling family members looking ...


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