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Endless Ages excerpt 5: Polytechniou

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  • Endless Ages excerpt 5: Polytechniou

    This Halloween we’re celebrating Vampire: The Masquerade’s 25th anniversary with the Endless Ages fiction anthology, with stories covering every era from Vampire’s 1st Edition through to the 20th Anniversary Edition.

    We continue*our journey with a preview of “Polytechniou” from author Lawerence Hawkins:

    I was drawn to “Polytechniou” because it let me merge a lot of formative experiences of my youth. I got to meld my first time seeing an outside view of America with both my love of Vampire Revised and a sense that its diversity was good, but not quite where it could be. Every step was and is a step forward, so it’s good to confront that world, shake it up a little, and find the story on the stage we’re given. We’re all outdated rebels and somebody’s villain — it’s important to consider that.

    Dear Mother,

    On these long nights full of questions, you silence provides better answers than your presence ever offered. Before? You spoke to me of God, of fate, of a necessary cruelty. You spoke of duty, honor, faith, and other such delusions. You spoke of your apocryphal ...


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