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Endless Ages excerpt 7: Numbers

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  • Endless Ages excerpt 7: Numbers

    This Halloween we’re celebrating Vampire: The Masquerade’s 25th anniversary with the Endless Ages fiction anthology, with stories covering every era from Vampire’s 1st Edition through to the 20th Anniversary Edition.

    We complete*our excerpts*with a preview of “Numbers” from author Ann Lemay:

    When one lives for as long as vampires and other folk that go bump in the night, a healthy sense of humor can mean the difference between sanity and well, probably utter boredom at worse. Anyway, that’s my take on it, but I’m biased – I’m very fond of humor. That said, this short story did start off serious in the initial stages… for about as long as it took for the one-liner pitch to be approved, anyway. Gravitas is often favored in most narratives, but sometimes you just want to shove characters in the most absurdly embarrassing situations and see what they make of it, squawking and complaining about it the whole way. Thankfully, my shift in tone was enthusiastically embraced, and the less than dignified shenanigans of the protagonists in this story will hopefully prove as entertaining to read ...


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