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Pumpkin Bombs of Info for Halloween [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • Pumpkin Bombs of Info for Halloween [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Gonna hit you with some fast Green Goblin-esque pumpkin bombs of info because while I’m down to one kid young enough to go trick or treating, I still gotta go.

    BOOM! Our week long Halloween celebration of the V20 Endless Ages fiction anthology comes to a rest tonight! If you haven’t checked it out yet, please take a gander at the posts we’ve been running with excerpts that illustrate the range of these stories through all of Vampire: the Masquerade‘s incarnations. And if you have held off because of the cost for the full-color physical book versions we’re offering on DTRPG right now, we are adding a much less expensive*b&w version as soon as we can OK the proofs!

    BOOM! Speaking of Halloween specials, the DTRPG Halloween sale (notes below in the BLURBS! section), is running for a couple more days, and RedBubble has a sale also ending soon (11:59pm Nov 1) with 25% off Onyx Path tshirts and other clothing, and*20% off our other merchandise. Enter code “draw-TheOnyxPath”. The holidays are coming and our physical items, whether RedBubble merchandise, or DTRPG ...


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