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Now Available: Exalted 3rd Edition Charm Cards!

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  • Now Available: Exalted 3rd Edition Charm Cards!

    Now available in PDF and print via DriveThruRPG: Exalted Third Edition Charm Cards!

    Leap across canyons, vanish into the shadows of the mind’s eye,*win the*hearts of your enemies*with a song, and split gods in twain with your mighty blade. The Solar Exalted are capable of these feats, and literally*hundreds more.

    Now you can*keep track of your character’s miraculous powers more*easily than ever before*with these Solar Charm Cards, putting the powers of the Unconquered Sun into your hand. Use them for quick reference without having to page through the*Exalted*core rulebook,*organize your own Charm Trees,*or simply to remember what options you have when the enemies of Creation attempt to bar your path.

    Cards are available in three sets:

    Charm Cards Set 1: Archery-Investigation
    Charm Cards Set 2: Larceny-Resistance
    Charm Cards Set 3: Ride-War

    Also available broken out into individual Charm sets:

    Archery Charm Cards
    Athletics Charm Cards
    Awareness Charm Cards
    Brawl Charm Cards
    Bureaucracy Charm Cards
    Craft Charm Cards
    Dodge Charm Cards
    Integrity Charm Cards
    Investigation Charm Cards
    Larceny Charm Cards
    Linguistics Charm Cards
    Lore Charm Cards
    Medicine Charm Cards
    Melee Charm Cards
    Occult Charm Cards
    Performance Charm Cards
    Presence Charm Cards
    Resistance Charm Cards
    Ride Charm Cards
    Sail Charm Cards
    Socialize Charm Cards
    Stealth Charm Cards
    Survival Charm Cards
    Thrown Charm Cards
    War ...


    Onyx Path
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    I can't find them on drivethru and the links that where in the email give error messages, i'm in the uk if thats relevant.