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  • Episode 52: Pirates of Pugmire Design Diary

    In which Eddy talks about the process of making Pirates of Pugmire!

    Dixie and Matthew are bitter they’re not in the episodeHow our editing skills have improved! (It’s not much.)August 22, 2018: Outlining the bookSeptember 4, 2018: Concept artOctober 9, 2018: Project kickoffOctober 22, 2018: First draftsDecember 20, 2018: Deadline extensionJanuary 31, 2019: Redlines finishedMarch 29, 2019: Development finishedPirates of Pugmire Kickstarter will go live next week!One of the rare projects where so many of us work together on itWe talk about the success...
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  • Scarred Lands Actual Play, Part 2

    Part 2 of “The Great Vilhaim Heist,” a Scarred Lands Actual Play featuring DMed by Matthew Dawkins and featuring Red Moon Roleplaying, is up on our YouTube channel:

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  • Now Available: Vampire Stickers!

    Now available from our RedBubble store: Stickers! We’re starting off with unlocking a ton of Vampire: The Masquerade material, both modern and Dark Ages:

    Dark Ages Clan Shield: Assamites (sticker)Dark Ages Clan Shield: Brujah (sticker)Dark Ages Clan Shield: Cappadocians (sticker)Dark Ages Clan Shield: Followers of Set (sticker)Dark Ages Clan Shield: Gangrel (sticker)Dark Ages Clan Shield: Lasombra (sticker)Dark Ages Clan Shield: Malkavian (sticker)Dark Ages Clan Shield: Nosferatu (sticker)Dark Ages Clan Shield: Ravnos (sticker)Dark Ages Clan Shield: Toreador...
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  • Maa-Kep [Mummy: The Curse 2nd Edition]

    Matthew Dawkins here, with Meghan Fitzgerald’s Maa-Kep draft for Mummy: The Curse 2nd Edition! Enjoy!


    Shadow of Pillars

    Spies, Junta, Dapifers

    We would never say we know better, of course. It’s just that not taking our advice would be a mistake.

    I listened closely while he spoke. The people would love him, he said. They would offer their loyalty gladly, and in exchange they would gain power over their own fates....
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  • Prose On Cons. [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Since next week we’ll be going into full New Kickstarter mode for the Pirates of Pugmire KS, let me catch up on a few things we talked about in the Monday Meeting today, and expand on our thinking about attending conventions.

    First, thanks to everyone who sent in questions for my interview with the Onyx Pathcast! We had a great recording session last week that, no surprise, ran extra long. So many things to cover, and I wanted to go into enough detail to deliver more than a corporate sound-bite.

    Next, yes, I’m still...
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  • Episode 51: Putting the Romance in Necromancy with John Burke

    In which Matthew and Dixie interview freelance writer John Burke about his experiences on They Came from Beneath the Sea!, Dark Eras 2, Cults of the Blood Gods, and even more books!

    Upcoming Projects, including Pirates of Pugmire and Cults of the Blood GodsEddy’s HairIntroducing (for the third time) John BurkeThe Vampire: The Masquerade YouTube Experiment – Online LARPingThey Came from Beneath the Sea! experiencesJohn’s work on Vampire: The MasqueradeDixie has high praise for the V5 LasombraWorking for Matthew Dawkins,...
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  • Contagion Chronicle Actual Play

    We’ve previously covered Matthew Dawkins’ actual play of the Contagion Chronicle, and linked to “episode zero,” covering character creation.

    We’re now six episodes deep. You can view all the videos in our Actual Play playlist, or jump right to the latest video:

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  • Now Available: Scarred Lands Spell Cards!

    Now available in PDF and print from DriveThruRPG: Scarred Lands Spell Cards for 5e!

    Whether you are a player or a GM, you can enhance your Scarred Lands game with this set of spell cards! Every spell from the Scarred Lands Player’s Guide (5th edition) is included in this deck of cards. Lay them out next to your sheet during play for quick, easy reference to all your character’s Scarred Lands spells.

    A Land Where Legends Walk

    Drawing enthusiastically on Greek mythology, the revised and re-imagined...
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  • An Introduction to Legendlore

    Steffie here, developer for the upcoming Legendlore RPG. What’s the Legendlore RPG, you ask? I’m here to tell you.

    Legendlore was originally a comic, first published by Arrow Comics in 1986 and since procured by Caliber Comics, about four people who fall through a Crossing into the Realm. The Realm is home to all kinds of fantasy creatures from elves to dragons, and the characters discover they too have ‘fantasy powers’ – the jock becomes a Fighter, while the bookish one becomes a Wizard, and so on. They go on all sorts of adventures and some of...
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  • A Little Fuzzy Sociability [Monday Meeting Notes]

    That illo, by Andrew Trabbold for Shunned By the Moon, the Werewolf: The Forsaken Night Horrors book, btw, is how my brain is right now.

    It’s high pollen time right now here in the Spring on Macungie Mountain, and every thought I need seems to require being pulled out of a cotton candy wadding around my brain.

    I am a zombie, koo koo kachew!

    So, bear with me on this MMN blog. I’m going to keep it a tad shorter than usual – hey, stop cheering – and there might be more mis-typing....
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  • Fiction Friday: Burning Bones [M20 Gods & Monsters]

    “Big Owl spreads his wings. He brings down shadows, y’know, and our shadows respond to him.”

    “Who’s Big Owl?”

    Napayshni nods his head in the direction of his window. We both know what he means. Outside, the city rumbles discontent. At night, it just gets worse. TV voices filter in from surrounding apartments, cutting through the sound of wind outside and the murmur of voices — often talking, sometimes raised — from those busy lives around us.

    In my head, I still hear the roaring,...
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  • Episode 50: Are We Having Fun Yet?

    In which the trio attempts (and likely fails) to define “fun.”

    It’s episode 50!What is fun? Clowns?“Fun” is really hard to defineEddy has spoken about this and speaks on it here!A healthy debate on win conditionsA bit on play styleWhen aren’t games “games,” we ask, and a bit on puzzlesSometimes players change the game you’re playingMystery book digressionWhat we enjoy out of a gameSkyrim, somehowSocial elements of gamesFun vs. EngagementOBLIGATORY WRESTLINGMatthew doesn’t know...
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  • Scarred Lands Actual Play

    The Gentleman in Question, Matthew Dawkins, has once again stepped into the role of DM for Red Moon Roleplaying, this time for the Scarred Lands. The adventure will be added to our YouTube channel, beginning with the first episode:

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  • Now Available: Changeling20 Players Guide and Mau GM Screen!

    Now available in Advance PDF from DriveThruRPG: Changeling: The Dreaming Player’s Guide.

    Autumn Leaves Tumble Down

    The Dreaming is a vast and ever-changing place, especially in the turbulent time of the Evanescence. New dreams take shape as Winter winds howl outside the windows and Glamour fights to bring light and warmth to a world where hearts go cold even as temperatures rise. Changelings everywhere must make a dangerous choice – unite and stand together against the rising dark… or take what they can for themselves...
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  • Release Roundup: April 2019

    A great month for Exalted fans!

    Mage: The Ascension: Gods & Monsters (PDF/print)Exalted: Dragon-Blooded: What Fire Has Wrought (PDF/print)Exalted: Hundred Devils Night Parade part 24: White Robe (PDF)


    Air Aspect (journal)Earth Aspect (journal)Fire Aspect (journal)Water Aspect (journal)Wood Aspect (journal)House Cathak (journal)House Cynis (journal)House Iselsi (journal)House Ledaal (journal)House Mnemnon (journal)House Nellens (journal)House Peleps (journal)House Ragara (journal)House Sessus (journal)House...
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  • Maar-Kherit [Mummy: The Curse 2nd Edition]

    Matthew Dawkins here, with one of the new, minor guilds for Mummy: The Curse 2nd Edition – the Maar-Kherit!


    Physics, Blights, the Malignant

    Once, the Maar-Kherit had another name, lost to history. They were an esteemed guild of physicians and healer-priests, those who set right the disturbed Sekhem flows of the sick and injured by curing them of their ills with specialized magics. The Shan’iatu themselves partook of the Physics’ mystic arts, and taught them how to prolong human...
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  • It’s In The Cards…[Monday Meeting Notes]

    Over a month ago, I was talking about Onyx Path‘s sales venues and things like that. Just kind of getting folks caught up on where they could find our stuff and which projects you could find there.

    A different, but similar, thing that I wanted to touch on today is some of the other sorts of projects we have to offer beyond book-shaped things. Specifically, because Mighty Matt McElroy sent me some pics of the proofs for a couple of card projects, I’m going to touch on those today.

    (Never mind that I haven’t received...
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  • Fiction Friday: Dead God Trilogy 3: Forbidden

    Today we preview chapter 1 of Dead God Trilogy 3: Forbidden for the Scarred Lands. This novel trilogy dates back to the d20 era of Scarred Lands (specifically 2002-2003), but Onyx Path has recently remastered it, making it available in various ebook formats and in print on demand.

    Lilly knew that something was very wrong. Opal’s scroll should have transported them instantaneously. Hollowfaust should have appeared in the blink of an eye.

    Instead, the two women, bruised and weary, each bloody-handed...
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  • Episode 49: Deep Dive – Scarred Lands

    In which Eddy, Dixie, and Matthew take a deep dive into the Scarred Lands for Pathfinder and D&D Fifth Edition!

    Matthew is running out of greetingsFarewell to the Contagion Chronicle Kickstarter!Dixie is editing Dark Eras 2Matthew is redlining Mummy: The Curse 2nd EditionEddy is working on Trinity Continuum: AberrantHistory of the Scarred Lands propertyWhat we like about the Scarred LandsRacesClassesMagicMonstersTattoo magicBalance of politics and adventureTons of interesting locations and charactersWorldbuilding!ReligionLots...
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  • Prince’s Gambit Actual Play

    Now that many of you have your Prince’s Gambit cards, here’s a video we put together during the Kickstarter to demonstrate how the game is played, featuring designer Justin Achilli:

    Prince’s Gambit can be purchased as a single unit via Studio 2 — get your friendly local game store to order a copy! It’s also available as print on demand, split into two, via DriveThruCards: the core set, and the Sabbat and Independent Clan Expansion Booster Pack.

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