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  • Fiction Friday: Tales from the Age of Sorrows

    Today we bring you an excerpt from A Resting Place at the Heart of the Mountain, by Richard Dansky:

    There was a stone bench by the side of the lake, a stone bench and that was all.

    The bench, it must be said, was a marvel. Close inspection would have revealed that it had been carved where it stood from a titanic block of basalt, polished to a gleaming blackness that somehow stayed cool in even the worst of the summer heat. Its legs were one with the bones of the earth, its graceful curves melding with the unyielding stone beneath the carefully manicured meadow in which...
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  • Corebook Outline & Kick-Off [Hunter: The Vigil]

    Hunter: The Vigil logo

    Hello Hunter: The Vigil fans! I’m happy to present the outline for the Hunter: The Vigil 2nd Edition corebook. I kicked off the project with a team of writers, and we are working on first drafts. This is the high level overview, and I’ll be able to share with you more specific information at a later date. Right now, I want to remain focused on knocking out a killer round of first drafts.

    Before I get to the outline, I wanted to drop in a few words of wisdom for those of you who’d like to work on this line in the future. My goal...
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  • Sariras: Relics of Ascension [Mage: The Awakening]

    The upcoming Signs of Sorcery is about all forms of Supernal contact with the Fallen World. One of the topics it covers is Artifacts and related magical items. You’ll have to wait for the book to read about Eidoforms, Astras, and Manteions, but here for your reading pleasure is the section on Sariras.

    First mentioned in Awakening’s first edition corebook as “Crystal Dragon Bones,” but not fully explained until Imperial Mysteries, Sariras are the after-effects of a mage Ascending. They’re highly prized by the Awakened, both as inspirational relics and...
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  • Now Available: Promethean Condition Cards, Whirlwind in print, and new shirts!

    Now available in advance PDF from DriveThruRPG: Promethean: The Created 2nd Edition Condition Cards!

    You are a pilgrim now, one of the Created. You rose to life from dead flesh or inert matter, under the ministrations of one of your own, or a mad scientist, or perhaps just the power of the Divine Fire. You wander the world, sometimes alone, sometimes in the blessed company of your own kind, driven by memories of events and facts you never knew, all in the service of one Great Work…

    …to be human.

    Part of the Promethean: The Created 2nd Edition rules,...
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  • MidWinter 2017: A Story in Pictures [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Michael Gaydos art for the Prince’s Gambit card game

    Myself and a whole bunch of Onyx Path folks just got back from the 2017 MidWinter convention. Why you should care: We had a great time there, which helps us get recharged to tackle the many projects were working on) and had some business meetings that may pay off this year, as well as demoing upcoming games, and meeting and answering questions with a lot of attendees (both current fans and those who we hope will be).

    Also among those we chatted with were possible freelance creators who will help us...
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  • Fiction Friday: Songs of the Sun and Moon

    From The Way of Endings by Bill Bridges:

    Tom stood up and wiped the dirt from his pants. “Okay, I’ll play along. I assume this is some sort of weird initiation ceremony your ‘tribe’ is putting me through for some reason. But I’m game. So, what’s next?”

    Maggie pointed at the rabbit painting. “I need to open the inner door, and that painting is the clue. I think it’s from that other story you mentioned, where Lynx chases down Rabbit through many guises.”

    Tom nodded. “The one where Rabbit uses his m’téoulin powers to escape over...
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  • New Year, New Game Sale 2017!

    Once again DriveThruRPG is running their New Year, New Game sale, and once again Onyx Path is participating.

    Featured Bundles
    Of the sale’s six Featured Bundles, we’re behind two of them!

    The Scarred Lands Starter Bundle offers an introduction to the Scarred Lands setting, a $52.94 value, for just $24.99 (53% off)!

    A broken world where legends walk.

    The revised and re-imagined Scarred Lands is a world shaped by gods and monsters, and only the greatest of heroes can expect to be counted among them. The most populous continent...
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  • Now Available: Night Horrors: Conquering Heroes, Heresies in print!

    Now available as advance PDF from DriveThruRPG, Night Horrors: Conquering Heroes for Beast: The Primordial! Conquering Heroes is the first Night Horrors book in seven years, since January 2010’s Night Horrors: The Unbidden! We’re delighted to bring this series back for the first time for the 2nd Edition Chronicles of Darkness.

    Sure, you can do what you want, feed from the locals, and go back to hiding in your lair when you’re done. 

    You may think you’re safe there, it sure feels safe. 

    But, you aren’t the only thing connected...
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  • MidWinter is Coming. [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Yes. We’re headed out this week to the MidWinter Convention in Milwaukee!

    It’s going to be cold.

    It’s also going to be a great chance for fun, edumacation, and making deals and brainstorming projects. See the notes in the BLURBS! section, below.

    I’m planning on bringing a folio of character art from both Pugmire and the new signature characters from Monarchies of Mau, so hit me up while we’re there and I’ll give ya a sneak peek.



    Beast: Conquering Heroes art by...
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  • Fiction Friday: The Strix Chronicle Anthology

    From Joshua Alan Doetsch’s Lullay, Lullay:

    My windshield is a moth-gore massacre. The wipers make it worse. The road is all cricket croons, whispering leaves, and groans-by-night corn — all things that make monsters nervous. We crossed roads even fends fear to tread. Four domains. Four temperamental dead guys. Not a hitch. But there’s one last stop.

    The woods are lovely, dark, and deep, but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep. That whole bit.

    I kill the engine under blinking neon. It’s a strip club off of I-39,...
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  • Now Available: Dawn of Heresies

    Now available in ebook format from DriveThruFiction: Dawn of Heresies for Mummy: The Curse!

    Rawhead and bloody bones

    Steals naughty children from their homes,

    Takes them to his dirty den

    And they are never seen again. 

    So says the nursery rhyme that gives birth to Rawhead, the most fearsome entity to imperil the living since the infamous Roller. Once an obedient mummy by name of Benefre, a desperate bid by his cult fails in tragic fashion, and in so doing, sends him to the Devourerís waiting, corruptive maw. What remains...
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  • The Long Solo [Vampire: The Requiem]

    Hi, folks!

    As the new year begins, we’re in the final stages of development on A Thousand Years of Night. One of the big points of this project is to provide frameworks for making history meaningful in your games. And something I love in vampire media is flashback scenes that show us our elders in previous lifetimes.

    In order to facilitate playing flashbacks on the spot, A Thousand Years of Night includes dynamic scenes you can insert into a session, with sample stakes, and roles for multiple players. I’d like to share a few!

    (These scenes...
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  • Peering Forward Along the Onyx Path: 2017 [Monday Meeting Notes]

    We made it!

    Here on the very precipice of 2017, the first step of many along the Onyx Path in the new year, I first want to thank all of you for your support these past five years.

    That’s right, Onyx Path Publishing is five years old, and 2017 will be our sixth year making books and the worlds featured in them!

    And we could not have done it without you. Thanks so much!

    The Company in 2017
    In a lot of ways, 2016 was our year to build the structure that 2017 will be standing on and building from. We’re going to reap the benefits...
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  • Forum Administrator
    started a topic Release Roundup: 2016

    Release Roundup: 2016

    Wow, 2016 was a pretty amazing year for releases! Although I’ve only listed our public releases, we’ve also created a bunch of material which is currently only available to Kickstarter backers and not yet available to the public. Let’s delve in:

    Game Books

    Onyx Path: Onyx Path 2016-2017 Publishing Brochure (PDF)
    Onyx Path: Storypath System Preview (PDF)
    Scarred Lands: Gauntlet of Spiragos for 5th Edition (PDF + print)
    Scarred Lands: Scarred Lands Players Guide for 5th Edition (advance PDF)
    Scarred Lands: Scarred Lands Players...
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  • 2016 Year in Review: Eddy Webb

    Most fun project: Pugmire, by a wide margin. While I’ve been working on it for a couple of years now, it’s really been great to build from a massively successful Kickstarter and finally make this crazy idea into a real thing. Plus, learning that there’s such a large and enthusiastic community for Pugmire makes it really worthwhile!

    Most interesting research: I’ve been researching a lot of things, but I’d have to say that it’s a tie between learning about how dog breeds are grouped (turns out it’s by various stages of canine cognition) and learning how cats build...
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  • 2016 Year in Review: David Hill

    Most fun project: This is a really hard one, but Changeling: The Lost, Second Edition. I worked on a lot of things I’m very proud of, but Changeling gave me the chance to dig into what I really feel is the core of Chronicles of Darkness. By that, I mean using horror, fantasy, exploration, adventure, investigation, and social interaction to explore ideas about the human condition. To a lot of philosophy, their relationship to pain is the one thing that makes human beings unique. And Changeling is a game about people who were hurt, and who are reacting to that. It’s a way to explore...
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  • 2016 Year in Review: Peter Woodworth

    Most fun project: Changeling: The Dreaming 20th Anniversary Edition. While I was a World of Darkness fan before Changeling came out, when I picked up that book I fell in love with its beautiful stained glass heart almost immediately. It was bright, it was fun, it was joyous and engaging … but under the colorful surface it was darker and more tragic than most any game I’d played. I also loved how it not only captured what it is to be an artist but also a gamer’s life too, both seeing a different world layered on top of this one, struggling harder every year to balance passion...
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  • 2016 Year in Review: Stew Wilson

    Most fun project: W20 Shattered Dreams was the most fun project I worked on this year. It’s the most ambitious book that we’ve produced for W20 in terms of sheer scope — originally, the book focused on the it looks at the life and wars of the Changing Breeds around the Wars of Rage. The first War of Rage covers 70,000 BCE through to 2,000 BCE, while the second runs from 1492 CE to the fall of Bat in the mid 17th Century. Beyond that, the additional material that we were able to add as stretch goals allowed us to include the War of Tears for the first time, as well as the wars between...
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