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  • Episode 87: Trinity Roundtable

    In which Eddy interviews Danielle Lauzon and Ian A. A. Watson about Trinity at Midwinter!

    We discuss our Mario Kart experiences at MidwinterPoop jokesHistory of the new edition of the Trinity ContinuumThe evolution of Storypath into the Trinity Continuum Core RulebookTrinity Continuum Core Rulebook’s settingJuggling between Scion, Trinity Core, and Trinity: AeonWorking on Trinity Continuum: AberrantEarly thoughts on Trinity Continuum: Adventure!Specific rules for a game, but keeping them evocative of other gamesChanges to the...
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  • Blood Sea Pirate and Blood Sea Alchemy


    Travis Legge here, returning to continue playtesting for our forthcoming Scarred Lands RPG supplements. The feedback we received on last month’s release of  Playtest #1 Hollow Legionnaire Revisited and Goreguard has been incredibly insightful and helped us immensely in finalizing those elements for release! With this post we now begin our weekly releases of playtest material, so please be sure to check back here each week for the latest post!

    As our team prepares for the release of Yugman’s Guide to Ghelspad and...
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  • Now Available: Mage20 Book of the Fallen

    Now available: Book of the Fallen! Now in PDF and print-on-demand from DriveThruRPG.

    Are you predator or prey?

    For the Nephandi, that’s a simple question: They embody the Abyss, and you are their next meal. You probably won’t see them coming, but they noticed you a long time ago. Now they move in — so sweet, seductive, and friendly, offering whatever it takes to make you love them, trust them, and forget who and what they truly are.

    Until the moment when you can’t ignore what you see....
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  • Here’s A Little Something I Like To Call…[Monday Meeting Notes]


    It is, in fact, doing fantastic, with over 2200 backers so far. The comments section, knock wood, has been overwhelmingly positive and energized – which really encourages our team to pop in and answer questions and chat a bit.

    So, come over and check it out and as a backer you can check out the text that we’ve released to backers so far. Which is most of it. If you disagree with those 2200 other backers and dislike it, you can bail out before...
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  • Onyx Path Publishing Announces They Came from Beyond the Grave! Tabletop RPG


    Base Onyx Path logo

    January 9, 2020 — Rich Thomas, founder and creative director of Onyx Path Publishing announced They Came from Beneath the Grave! This new B-movie theme tabletop rpg is a tongue-in-cheek horror game employing the Storypath System.

    They Came from Beyond the Grave! draws from 60s and 70s horror films similarly to how They Came from Beneath the Sea! built off of the wonder, horror, thrills, and hilarity of 1950s science fiction. They Came from Beyond the Grave!...
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    In which Eddy, Matthew, and Dixie are up very late the night before the Onyx Path Summit to talk to Rich Thomas about what’s coming up with Onyx Path. And lots of martian noises.

    The Onyx Path summitThe Onyx Path Q&AAnnouncing They Came from Beyond the Grave!Trinity Continuum: AssassinsLukewarm takes about moviesTrinity Continuum: Adventure!Diversity in pulpMidwinterV5 Cults of the Blood Gods is still on Kickstarter!Clan GrumbledukeNote: Eddy was wrong; Rich’s Twitter is actually @rich_thomas_wwThere’s more...
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  • Onyx Path Announces Adventure! and Assassins for Trinity Continuum


    January 9, 2020 — Rich Thomas, founder and creative director of Onyx Path Publishing announced that Trinity Continuum: Adventure! and Trinity Continuum: Assassins will be the next tabletop RPG supplements in the Trinity Continuum line. Both will employ the Storypath system. 

    Trinity Continuum: Adventure! is the newest science fiction-meets-pulp setting ready to be explored on the Trinity Continuum timeline. Set in the 1930s, Trinity Continuum: Adventure! retains its pulp action feel for Daredevils,...
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  • Titanspawn [Scarred Lands]

    Greetings Adventurers!

    Travis Legge, Scarred Lands Line Developer for Onyx Path Publishing, returning to share a bit of insight into the cast of creepy creatures you will be adding to your repulsive repertoires of fiends and foul monstrosities with the Expedition Scarred Lands expansion. 

    In Scarn, the world of Scarred Lands, the term Titanspawn is commonly used to refer to creatures that were created by the titans. More specifically, Titanspawn are those who served the titans before and during the Divine War. Scholars...
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  • Now Available: Aeon Ready Made Characters and Trinity Community Content!

    Now available: Aeon Ready-Made Characters! Now in advance PDF from DriveThruRPG.

    Don’t wait, humanity needs you now!

    Do you want to game but your players aren’t sure what to play? Looking for inspiration to get you into the world of Æon? This book is for you!

    These six ready-made characters cover a range of psions eager to face whatever challenges your story brings. Each character is complete with background and roleplay suggestions. Or, if your players would prefer to explore something...
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  • Raiders [Dystopia Rising: Evolution]

    Zombies aren’t the only problems survivors have in the wastelands. Hell is other people, but some folks don’t neatly sit on one side or the other of the “undead abomination” line. There are those who aren’t quite undead, but aren’t quite living either. These cannibalistic raiders comprise another collection of antagonists for your player characters to struggle against.

    In nearly all creatures that walk the wastelands, a spark exists that enables them not only to survive, but to do so earnestly, with eyes facing the future despite...
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  • Milwaukee By Night (& Day!) [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Once more into Milwaukee, old friends. That is said with true anticipation, as I’m looking forward to the Mid Winter Convention and also all of all the wonderful people who go to it and run it – including almost all of our Onyx Path Monday Meeting crew.

    I also look forward to it with a tidal wave of nostalgia, as Milwaukee, and the Hilton where Mid Winter is held, was also where White Wolf booked our Gen-Con rooms and our parties in the years after Vampire first came out. So there’s a lot of overlay of memories as I walk (stagger) through the...
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  • By Footpad and Clenched Claw [Tales of Excellent Cats]

    Are you looking for inspiration to tell stories or narrate a game using the Monarchies of Mau corebook? Want a cat-tastic story to read? Tales of Excellent Cats can help. Edited by Melanie Meadors, this anthology is a collection of fourteen short stories written by established authors such as Elaine Cunningham and Lucy Snyder, as well as up-and-coming storytellers like LaShawn M. Wanak and ZZ Claybourne.

    Today, we’re pleased to share with a preview from “By Footpad and Clenched Claw”, written by Beth Cato. 

    “What did...
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  • Episode 85: V5 Cults of the Blood Gods Design Diary

    In which Eddy and Dixie politely allow Matthew to expose you all to his design diary for V5 Cults of the Blood Gods, recorded during the creation of this book currently on Kickstarter.

    Put nothing larger than your elbow in your earWhat we got up to over our holidaysThis War of MineV5 CotBG OutlineV5 CotBG Writer AssignmentsV5 CotBG First DraftsV5 CotBG RedlinesV5 CotBG Final DraftsV5 CotBG DevelopmentV5 CotBG ApprovalsV5 CotBG KickstarterSee you at Midwinter!


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  • Claws & Effect: Pirate Callings [Realms of Pugmire]

    In the third part of this essay series, I wanted to talk a little about the design decisions that went into the Pirates of Pugmire callings.

    This was an interesting challenge, because I had a new set of conditions I needed to fulfill. Specifically, I needed two dog-specific callings, two cat-specific callings, and one calling each for lizards and birds. Early on I made it easier for characters to share those callings, but that was still my initial design idea.

    This time, though, I also gave more room to the writer (who was Dixie...
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  • Now Available: Tales of Good Dogs

    Now available: Tales of Good Dogs for Realms of Pugmire! Now in eBook and print-on-demand from DriveThruFiction.

    Be a good dog. Protect your home.Be loyal to those who are true.These are the words of the Code of Man.

    – Sister Picassa Collie,Shepherd of the Church of Man

    Dogs have inherited the world, building the kingdom of Pugmire untold centuries after the Ages of Man are over. These dogs have been uplifted to use tools and language, and they seek to rediscover the ruins of the Old Ones....
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  • Quips [They Came from Beneath the Sea!]

    One of the mechanics in They Came from Beneath the Sea! that people really seem to love is the Quips. Here’s a section on Quips and a small selection of them, as written by Larry Blamire for the core rulebook. You’ll be able to buy these on cards or make your own once the game is released!

    The Art of the Quip

    “It’s not just what words you say… it’s when you say them… and how you say them… Also what words you say… I’ve said before… you can take away my armaments. You can take away my freedom. You can take away this...
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  • Release Retrospective: 2019

    It’s been a big year for us at Onyx Path! To hit just a few of the many highlights:

    For our Onyx Path-owned games, we released Scion 2nd Edition (Origin and Hero) and Trinity Continuum (and Æon), the first games using our new in-house Storypath System.

    For our partner games, we brought you Fetch Quest and (re)introduced Pugmire as our first Phone PDF, followed by Scion: Origin.

    For our White Wolf license, you got Dragon-Blooded: What Fire Has Wrought and Changeling: The Lost 2nd Edition....
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  • Release Roundup: December 2019

    Here’s what we’ve released over the course of December. It’s been a big month for me personally, because it’s been the first rush of Trinity Continuum releases!

    Stay tuned for this year’s Release Retrospective…

    Onyx Path 2019-2020 Publishing Brochure: DriveThruRPG (PDF)Trinity Continuum Core Rulebook: Studio 2 (print), IPR (print), DriveThruRPG (PDF/PoD)Trinity Continuum: Trinity Continuum Storyguide Screen and Storyguide Booklet: Studio 2 (print), IPR (print), DriveThruRPG...
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  • Should Cults Acquaintance Be Forgot…[Monday Meeting Notes]

    Here we are at the end of the year with our last Monday Meeting Notes blog. Salut to you all!

    A few things before we get to celebration preparation. First, the V5 Cults of the Blood Gods KS is doing fantastic, with over 1700 backers and a whole passel of Stretch Goals achieved – and we still have more than two weeks to go!

    You can check it out here, if for some wacky reason you haven’t yet:

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  • Episode 84: Happy Kartmas? Mario Holidays?

    In which we…play Mario Kart while attempting to talk about books. We are very distracted in this; there are occasionally pauses and also more cursing than usual.

    Our history with Mario KartWe talk about what we’re working on while cursing at each otherWhat we’re doing for the holidaysCombining birthdays and other holidays: Don’t do it.What we’re looking forward to in the new year!Let the Streets Run RedLudwig von Koopa wins a tournamentDixie gets indignant about The Music Man

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