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  • Gods and Monsters [Mage20]

    Via Satyros Phil Brucato:

    Janine was a homeless junkie I found dying one night along the path of my post-midnight constitutional. What could I do? Let her perish? Of course not! I took her home and did what any conscientious scientist would do: used my G8-Z26 purgative treatments while stabilizing her physical condition with Dr. Johnstone’s now-famous bioregeneration matrix. I admit she’s not the sharpest scalpel in the drawer but given the condition I found her in last year, I doubt she ever was. There’s no excuse for sloppy work on my part, of course, but Janine’s still...
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  • Dead On Our Feet, But Still Fightin’ [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Last week, I had a great interview with the guys from the Everybody Loves Pudding podcast, and since their questions started with the early days with White Wolf and being a Magic card artist and led right through the CCP years to V5 and its several controversies, I thought this week that I’d go over a couple of questions folks have been throwing at us that relate to the whole ownership and licensing thing. And the difference between those two kinds of business deals.

    (As soon as the Pudding guys are ready to post the interview, I’ll share the links with all of you. Mmmm,...
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  • Episode 18: Deep Dive: Beckett’s Jyhad Diary/Vampire the Masquerade

    In which Dixie, Matthew, and Eddy talk about Beckett’s Jyhad Diary and other bits of Vampire: The Masquerade

    * Dixie asks Eddy and Matthew about their first Masquerade projects

    * What is Beckett’s Jyhad Diary? It’s a celebration of 25 years of Masquerade metaplot

    * The role of humor in the project

    * Bloodlines is the new wrestling reference (RIP wrestling jokes)

    * Who is Beckett? What is the Jyhad?

    * The Book of the Grave War

    * The look of the book

    * Easter eggs and...
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  • Fiction Friday: World of Darkness: Ghost Hunters part 1

    This week, for Fiction Friday, we’re pleased to offer Part One of Catherine Lundoff’s story for the upcoming World of Darkness: Ghost Hunters, A Cry in the Night. Catherine also wrote a story for the V20 Dark Ages anthology The Cainite Conspiracies, and we are thrilled to have her back for a new supplement.

    “It doesn’t look haunted,” Bethany scowled out the smudged car window of Al’s junker at what passed for downtown Cobb’s Center. It didn’t even look that interesting, just stores and bars and houses, a lot like Lakeside, where they lived, only with less people...
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  • Massive World of Darkness Sale on Now!

    DriveThruRPG / Storytellers Vault is running a huge sale on the cornerstones of the World of Darkness: get 75% off every PDF from Vampire: The Masquerade, Werewolf: The Apocalypse, and Mage: The Ascension, from every edition!

    Get in on the Storytellers Sale now! The sale only runs for one week!

    This covers everything released by White Wolf and Onyx Path, stretching as far back as 1991’s Vampire 1st Edition and as recently as 2018’s releases, like Beckett’s Jyhad Diary!

    Additionally, all Storytellers Vault community content is 25% off! That’s...
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  • Claws and Effect: Raining Plastic [Realms of Pugmire]

    Via Eddy:

    Pugmire and Monarchies of Mau both make some subtle changes to the “traditional” fantasy gaming formula. One that I’ve found some people struggle with is the lack of a detailed currency system. Most people seem to get it after they try it for a bit, but I’ve had a number of players and Guides who simply can’t wrap their heads around it. So why did I do it? There are three main reasons.

    For one, I just don’t like detailed financial systems. I think it gets in the way of the parts of gaming that I enjoy, and as a self-employed...
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  • Now Available: Scarred Lands Dead God Trilogy in print!

    Now available in print via DriveThruFiction: the Scarred Lands Dead God Trilogy! The classic Scarred Lands trilogy from 2002 is back in print!

    Dead God Trilogy 1: Forsaken
    Dead God Trilogy 2: Forsworn
    Dead God Trilogy 3: Forbidden

    To Resurrect a God
    The Divine War, the great conflict between gods and titans, shattered the world of Scarn and transformed it into the Scarred Lands.

    It also claimed many casualties, including the god of the elves of Termana. With his death, the elves lost their immortality, their purpose and their...
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  • Zombies [Dystopia Rising: Evolution]

    It’s been at least four generations since the Fall of humanity. No one knows the exact number of years since the world was blasted with nuclear radiation and became infected with fungus and the undead, so the best the survivors can do is count the number of generations before them. Oral tradition and crumbling documents detail the remaining history of those first few generations of survivors, and misinformation has clouded the tragic events around the original catastrophe.

    Prior to the Fall, humanity did everything they could to record and share data across the world; unfortunately,...
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  • Shambling Off To Buffalo! [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Yes, we stumbled back to a fully attended Monday Meeting today – the first one where we were all there in quite some time with GenCon and vacations and all. A good and informational meeting nevertheless.

    They’re not all that way, though. We have 50ish of them a year, and sometimes the energy level all around is low. Sometimes the upset level is really high, like if we’re all under stress or if a social media flame-war is flaring around us. Sometimes I’m the crabby one, and so I set us off in the wrong direction. Feelings get hurt when you have a lot of intensely...
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  • Episode 17: Shambling with Ashley Zdeb and Michael Pucci of Dystopia Rising

    In which Eddy talks with the core of Eschaton Media about Dystopia Rising: Evolution

    * Matthew is out this week. Probably self-reflecting.
    * Ashley Zdeb and Michael Pucci of Eschaton Media
    * Eddy admits to an error in the Kickstarter
    * The history of Dystopia Rising
    * Trying to do creative work while holding another job
    * The merging of tabletop and LARP canon
    * The shifting focus of rules over the past decade
    * How Eddy and Onyx Path came into the picture
    * Faithful licensing vs “throw it all away if you want”...
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  • Fiction Friday: Dystopia Rising: Evolution

    This fiction, “Tell Me About Yourself,” comes from Dystopia Rising: Evolution, currently on Kickstarter!

    “Tell me about yourself.”

    The woman who spoke to Mila Tierney did not wear anything as fancy as Mila. She did not have a private army. She did not have vast wealth. She certainly did not have a name known among the powerful Pure Bloods, except in whispers and curiosity.

    What she did have was a means to get answers from the dead. Mila offered money, and the woman took it of course, but she placed other conditions on her assistance. Most...
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  • Solar Bonds [Exalted 3rd Edition]

    Today, we’re focusing on the Solar Bond. Inspired by mythic duos like Gilgamesh and Enkidu, Achilles and Patrochlus, and Xbalanque and Hunahpu, as well as fantasy romances that persist beyond lifetimes, the Bond has always been an essential feature of Lunars. For 3rd Edition, we’ve refined and revised its presentation in both the setting and mechanics to make Lunars as awesome and as fun to play as they should be. Enjoy!

    Eric & Vance

    History of the Silver Pact

    The Silver Pact’s roots trace back to the early First Age. Today’s few surviving...
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  • Now Available: C20 Journals!

    Now available from our RedBubble store: blank hardcover kith journals for Changeling: The Dreaming 20th Anniversary Edition!

    Dreaming Art: Boggans (journal)
    Dreaming Art: Eshu (journal)
    Dreaming Art: Nockers (journal)
    Dreaming Art: Pooka (journal)
    Dreaming Art: Redcaps (journal)
    Dreaming Art: Satyrs (journal)
    Dreaming Art: Sidhe (journal)
    Dreaming Art: Sluagh (journal)
    Dreaming Art: Trolls (journal)

    Kickstarter Update

    Our Kickstarter for Dystopia Rising: Evolution, the 2nd edition of the Dystopia Rising...
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  • Guide to the Night and Spilled Blood Update [Vampire: The Requiem]

    Hey everyone! Danielle here. It’s been a hot minute since the last time we’ve talked about Requiem. I’ve been deep in the word mines of editing and getting two books moving along. Both Guide to the Night and Spilled Blood are advancing as you can see in the Monday Meeting notes, but I figured I’d come in and tell you some about both these books.

    First is Guide to the Night, a joint players and storyteller’s guide. The whole book is designed to give an advanced level of play to your normal Requiem games. We give lots of alternative rules to play with or add into your...
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  • The Walking and Scrapping Dead [Monday Meeting Notes]

    A couple of meanings to the “Scrapping” part of the blog title this week. First of all, not the “scraping dead” which is probably a kind of zombie. Pretty sure I’ve seen some scraped zombies on TV…but that’s not the type I’m talking about.

    Scrapping as in “scrappy”, though, is one of the ways I mean it. As in tough and fighty. In Dystopia Rising: Evolution, which is rolling along quite well with its Kickstarter – thanks for asking, the undead have various tiers of scrappy, and of intelligence. That’s one of the...
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  • Release Roundup: August 2018

    What a month! Lots of great stuff out, and lots of amazing stuff in the works.

    Onyx Path 2018/2019 Publishing Brochure (PDF, print if you meet us at a con)
    Storypath System Preview 2018 (PDF, print if you meet us at a con)
    Scarred Lands: Dead God 1: Forsaken (Amazon/B&N)
    Scarred Lands: Dead God 2: Forsworn (Amazon/B&N)
    Scarred Lands: Dead God 3: Forbidden (Amazon/B&N)
    Wraith: The Oblivion: Wraith: The Oblivion 20th Anniversary Edition (PDF/print)
    Exalted: Hundred Devils Night Parade part 16: Gem Seeker and Steel...
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  • Post from Onyx Path Main Site

    Episode 16: Deep Dive into Dystopia Rising Evolution
    In which Matthew and Dixie takes turns interviewing Eddy about Dystopia Rising: Evolution.

    * Kickstarter:
    * Matthew has to leave, so he’ll start off as host, but Dixie will take over halfway through
    * How did Onyx Path come to be developing Dystopia Rising
    * We (EVENTUALLY) talk about the elevator pitch for DR:E
    * A focus on emotional connections
    * What new and established Onyx Path players can get from...
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  • The Immortals [Changeling Players Guide]

    Hello, lovely Dreamers! Matthew Dawkins here to provide an intriguing extract from our upcoming Player’s Guide for Changeling: The Dreaming 20th Anniversary Edition. Co-developers, Pete Woodworth and Luka Carroll selected this piece of Josh Harrison’s draft on the Siochain, which I hope you’ll enjoy. Please post your thoughts in the comments below, along with any questions about the book content, and I’ll ask Luka and Pete to check them out!

    From Pete: Here’s a neat excerpt from our section on Siochain, the legendary changeling immortals who we’re covering in detail...
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  • Now Available: Exalted 3e Monthly Releases!

    Now available in PDF from DriveThruRPG: Hundred Devils Night Parade part 16: Gem Seeker and Steel Eater for Exalted 3rd Edition!

    From the frozen North to the burning South, and all directions in between, there are creatures that stalk Creation. Demons, spirits, monsters and even creatures who live alongside mankind are in every region.

    In this collection you will find new foes, encounter old enemies, and learn the secrets of these denizens of Exalted 3rd Edition’s wondrous world.

    Hundred Devils Night Parade: Gem Seeker and Steel Eater
    The diminutive...
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  • The Crucible Initiative [Contagion Chronicle]

    Are you reading me?

    Good, it’s Matthew Dawkins here. The last time we spoke about the Contagion Chronicle crossover extravaganza for the Chronicles of Darkness, I posted up the Cryptocracy faction. The faction is just one of the Sworn, the groups of playable creatures in this upcoming game.

    Today, we’re doing something a little different. Today, we’re going to look at the False.

    The False are everything the Sworn hope not to become. Where the Sworn (by and large) wish to contain or destroy the Contagion riddling the Earth, its people, and the God-Machine,...
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