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  • Now Available: Aberrant VTTs and Scarred Lands merch!

    Now available: three VTT token sets for Trinity Continuum: Aberrant!

    Aberrant VTT 01: Heroes and Villains: The Heroes and Villains token collection allows you to bring some of Trinity Continuum: Aberrant‘s most iconic characters to the virtual tabletop platform of your choice, featuring 46 different tokens.Aberrant VTT 02: Mooks and Minions: The Mooks and Minions token collection provides 30 character illustrations, duplicated in seven different themed sets for each of Trinity Continuum: Aberrant‘s major factions, for a total of 210 different tokens!...
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    That’s right, once again we’re turning the media blog over to YOU, with the aim of profiling your creations!


    So what do I mean by YOU? Well, every week we provide a glittering spotlight to some plucky content creator or other who produces actual plays, podcasts, reviews our books, or writes blogs about us, but this week I want YOU to be the focus.

    With that in mind, the comment section below is for you to self-promote in. I want to see you advertise your shows, your media, your...
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  • OPP10: Scarred Lands month, part 2: Big sales on Classic d20!

    2022 is Onyx Path’s tenth anniversary, so we’re celebrating a different game line every month this year!

    August is Scarred Lands month.

    Part 2 covers the classic d20 material for 3e and 3.5! And just for kicks, we’re continuing the sale on Pathfinder material:

    Scarred Lands 3e/d20 (32 products for $30.70)Relics & Rituals 3e/d20 (4 products for $5.60)Scarred Lands Pathfinder (4 products for $4)

    … which have a number of titles on sale for...
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  • Victory of the Martians! [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Yes – it very well could be! But you, yes YOU, can stop them!

    But there’s not much time left!

    The one thing these alien would-be conquerors fear is the power of our Aethernauts, so spread the word far and wide about the Trinity Continuum: Aether Kickstarter!

    Incidentally, we’re in the last few days of that very Kickstarter campaign, and we’d love to achieve another Stretch Goal or three before it’s over on Thursday afternoon. So there’s that, too.
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  • Episode 220: Dead Man’s Rust Session Zero

    In which Travis Legge runs a session zero of Scarred Lands: Dead Man’s Rust for Eddy and Dixie!

    Why is this episode different?Contingency plansWhat are we going to play?Dixie and Eddy’s character descriptionsA bit on morality and certain spellsLines/veils/settingDeities


    Onyx Path YouTube: Onyx Path Twitch: Onyx Path Discord:

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  • Now Available: Down in the Hole in print!

    Now available in PDF and print: Down in the Hole, a starter adventure for the Crossroads Continent!

    Adventure in the Crossroads Continent!

    Down in the Hole is a starter adventure for the Crossroads Continent, designed to capture an old-school feel with the 5e OGL ruleset.

    The adventurers acquire a map to an abandoned treasure horde allegedly belonging to a famed adventurer. Following the map, they discover a sprawling underground cavern filled with dangerous creatures, terrifying traps, and...
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    This week’s spotlight shines on Mage: The Podcast! The perennial podcast of magickal excellence has returned once more to the gleaming lights.


    Mage: The Podcast is a show with a lot of merits, not least of which is its consistently high quality output and willingness to tackle a wide variety of Mage and Mage-adjacent topics.

    In the latest episode, host Terry Robinson interviews one of Trinity Continuum: Aether’s authors – Kim Godwin – on the subject of blending Aether...
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  • A Meetingless Monday! [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Monday Notes: I didn’t do very well at my video game and also I have perforated my left eardrum. Again.

    Well, that’s accurate for my Monday notes, technically, but that’s because we didn’t have a meeting today! (The above things were not caused by lack of meeting, I don’t think, but if I perforate my eardrum next time we don’t have one I’m considering blaming someone internally.)

    I know it’s odd, as we usually have these every single Monday, but this week we had a slew of vacations,...
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  • Episode 219: Dead Man’s Rust Interview

    In which Eddy and Dixie talk to Travis Legge about Dead Man’s Rust for Scarred Lands!

    We’re here with Travis Legge!How did Scarred Lands come to be?On Scarred Lands’ toneAbout Dead Man’s Rust!Nifty setting detailsGlivid-AutelWhat IS the Rust?


    Onyx Path YouTube: Onyx Path Twitch: Onyx Path Discord:

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  • VI: Bows and Arrows Against the Lightning

    By the time we reached Tesla’s home and laboratory,
    the Martian was already clawing its way from the cylinder, groping through the
    ruins of the building for its target. We were quiet, careful; we had no
    comprehension of how this thing might sense, the range of its vision, the
    sensitivity of its hearing. Was it a creature that could detect vibrations in
    the air? Was it safe even to breathe?

    On any other day, such questions would fill my mind and drive me forward into irrational action. I know there were some — especially of Nikola’s...
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  • Now Available: M20 Sorcerer

    Now available in advance PDF: M20 Sorcerer for Mage: The Ascension 20th Anniversary Edition!

    Magicians and Mentalists

    The shadows of the World of Darkness have always concealed supernatural secrets. Monsters exist and magic is real. Hedge wizards and psychics dwell on the edges of those shadows and of human society, straddling the liminal space between daylight and darkness. These sorcerers draw on inborn gifts or intense magical study to forward their agendas, protect their communities, or seek personal gain and power. Some few...
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    This week’s spotlight shines on… me! That’s right. I’m taking over.


    The Gentleman Gamer (which is to say, me) hosts a channel on YouTube where the occasional deep dive, character creation session, or breakdown of a popular game line takes place! Why is it receiving the spotlight this week? Well that’s because at 21:00 BST on Wednesday 2nd August I’ll be doing an AMA on my channel focused on Trinity Continuum: Aether and other RPGs! Tune in live to ask your questions:

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  • OPP10: Scarred Lands month, part 1: Big sale on 5e!

    2022 is Onyx Path’s tenth anniversary, so we’re celebrating a different game line every month this year!

    August is Scarred Lands month.

    Part 1 covers 5e/OGL and Pathfinder material:

    Scarred Lands 5e/OGL (22 products for $15.10)Scarred Lands Pathfinder (4 products for $4)

    … which have a number of titles on sale for 10% of their original price for our 10th anniversary. That means they’re 90% off!

    This sale lasts...
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  • Scarred By the Aether! [Monday Meeting Notes]

    When I talk about aether, I am of course referring to Trinity Continuum: Aether, and its Kickstarter campaign that is burgeoning along! Seems like a good bunch of you are really interested in this mash-up of Victorian Era tropes, literary characters, and the earlier history of the Trinity Continuum.

    TC: Aether is currently the furthest back in time we’ve gone with the Continuum, although we do have plans afoot to skip even...
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  • Release Roundup: July 2022

    Welcome to the Release Roundup! Remember, this is where to go to find not just the month’s releases, but also the compiled project status updates for the last month.

    This month’s Onyx Path releases include:

    Scarred Lands: Dead Man’s Rust (PDF/print)Scion: Tales of Heroes: A Scion Anthology (B&N Nook)Scion: Scion Player’s Guide: Saints & Monsters (advance PDF)They Came from Beneath the Sea!: Storypath Tasty Bit: They Came from the Bikini Beach Party! (PDF)Trinity...
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  • Episode 218: Game Lawyers!

    In which Eddy throws Matthew, Danielle, and Dixie to the wolves in a game-show battle of Onyx Path trivia.

    How does this work?Round One: Opening StatementsRound Two: Cross-Examination!Round Three: Oral ArgumentsRound Four: Final ArgumentsWe discuss the game and its outcome!A bit on game shows and their strategiesA bit on board games


    Onyx Path YouTube: Onyx Path Twitch: Onyx Path Discord: htt...
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  • V: The Future Unwritten, the Past Erased

    Why must I mourn the attacks on those great Western
    bastions: Paris, New York, and London? Do they mourn the attack on Kyoto? Are
    they even aware of it?

    I doubt it.

    I doubt they know how we channeled Aether through
    our blades to cut down the Martians. I doubt they know how we gave everything
    we had to protect our people.

    I doubt they look past the ends of their noses and
    their narrow view of the world. Even if they did, they could scarcely
    understand the struggle...
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  • Now Available: They Came from the Bikini Beach Party!

    Now available in PDF: Storypath Tasty Bit: They Came from the Bikini Beach Party! for They Came from Beneath the Sea!

    It’s time for fun, fun, fun in the sun, sun, sun! Every They Came from Beneath the Sea! takes our heroes to the beach at one point or other, and this book is built specifically for those occasions! Within its sandy contents you will find:

    New Archetypes!New Cinematics!New Quips!New Story Hooks!

    Good gosh, this Tasty Bit hosts a plethora of new play material for They Came from...
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    Happy Tuesday, everyone! This week’s spotlight will shine on a fantastic member of our roleplaying community and a classic among the YouTube storytellers: The Primogen.


    The Primogen has been making videos for years now, spanning many of the corners of the World of Darkness and Chronicles of Darkness. We’d love to see them venture deeply into some of our other properties like They Came From and Scion for many reasons, but chief among them is the way they so eloquently describe the elements of each of the games...
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  • The League of Extraordinary Aethernauts! [Monday Meeting Notes]

    And you TOO can be a member of that League!

    Just like the over 775 backers of the Trinity Continuum: Aether Kickstarter who pledged in just under a week! We funded in less than four hours and are just shy of being 200% funded as I write this, so it’s all Aether-gravy now, folks!

    Well, maybe not that, eww, but you know what I mean: we’re hatching Stretch Goals like Martians hatch young-lings!

    Thanks to all of you who have already backed! As for the rest of you: both the Martians and...
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