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  • The Great 20th Anniversary Edition Sale

    The Storytellers Vault currently has a massive sale on almost 900 World of Darkness digital products from Onyx Path, White Wolf, and dozens of community content creators! Get up to 50% off all sale products!

    The sale covers cores, supplements, and other ancillary products, ranging from 2011’s V20 to 2018’s Beckett’s Jyhad Diary, V20 Dark Ages,Werewolf20, Mage20, Wraith20, Changeling20, and much, much more!

    Click here to check out the 100+ products available from Onyx Path.

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  • Episode 70: Gen Con Panel: Community Content

    In which we present our Gen Con 2019 Community Content panel (but with intros and outros!). The sound quality for the panel isn’t amazing, as it’s recorded in a panel room, but bear with us!

    Finger-licking good, I guess.Who’s even on this panel?More sponsorship opportunitiesCommunity Content panel!Matthew angers the ColonelNotes on the Burger King KingWe’re on topic for once!We have rules and guidelines!On unintentional plagiarismThe road to damnationVague prawn cocktails and Neall’s tearsMatthew never...
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  • Deviant: The Renegades Kickstarter Has Launched!

    You woke up… different. Someone changed you: on a slab, an operating table, an altar. By luck or by fate, you escaped. Hunted by your creators, they hold all the cards, and it seems they might recapture you. Except, what they don’t understand is they’ve stoked the fires of vengeance; what they did wasn’t right. What they don’t know is that now — you’re hunting them.

    In Deviant: The Renegades, players take on the characters...
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  • Now Available: Pugmire Journals and Stickers!

    Now available from our RedBubble store: Pugmire journals and stickers!

    Pugmire: Pepper Labradoodle, Artisan (journals, stickers)Pugmire: Sir Albert Corgi, Guardian (journals, stickers)Pugmire: Duchess Indie Schipperke, Hunter (journals, stickers)Pugmire: Satyrini Papillon, Ratter (journals, stickers)Pugmire: Brother Buster Mutt, Shepherd (journals, stickers)Pugmire: Kayla, Stray (journals, stickers)Pugmire: Mochi Pug, Companion (journals, stickers)Pugmire: Dante Lundehund, Fettle (journals, stickers)Pugmire: Brother Archer Corgi, Herder (journals, stickers)Pugmire:...
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  • Stability [Deviant: The Renegades]

    This is our last preview post before the Deviant Kickstarter launches on Thursday. Watch this blog Thursady for the link!

    Eric here. Today, I’m sharing most of the current mechanics for Stability. The Stability track works much like the health track, with damage to it being the result of minor, medium, or major Instability (marked with slashes, X’s, and asterisks just like bashing, lethal, and aggravated damage). Without further ado:

    Stability measures the extent and progression of a Deviant’s mutations as she retreats farther...
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  • Two Times The Fun! [Monday Meeting Notes]

    With the Creature Collection for Scarred Lands 5e Kickstarter funded and scuttling along, and the Deviant: The Renegades Kickstarter starting this Thursday, we will actually have two KSs running at once for most of their duration.

    To be fair, the Creature Collection KS is being run by our friends at Handiworks Games (who also created this gorgeous book of monsters), but it is on our new KS site. Deviant will be run on our long-time KS site with my name on it, and ably run by our own Kickstarter Concierge, James Bell.

    As to the...
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  • Episode 69: Convention Rambling

    In which Matthew, Dixie, and Eddy discuss conventions they’ve recently attended, the kinds of conventions they enjoy, and sponsorships!

    Buggered up introductions!Sponsorship potentialWhat is a “bio break”?Dixie’s adventures at Dragon ConArcades, gaming rooms, cosplay, parades, and so much moreConvention TV (Gen Con, take note of this)Eddy’s adventures at PAX WestFormal conventions, blackbox meetings and seminars, quiet spacesVideo games on displayMatthew’s adventures at Tabletop ScotlandMeeting new...
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  • Scarred Lands 5e Creature Collection Kickstarter Now Live!

    We’re bringing the best adversaries from the history of the Creature Collection to 5th Edition! We want to make a full-color, one creature per page, hardcover bestiary for the world’s favorite roleplaying game.

    It’s going to be expertly converted, beautifully illustrated, wonderfully laid out, and full to the brim with useful content.

    If we’re extra-successful we’ll also include random encounter tables, drop-in encounters with battle maps, and lots of additional digital content.

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  • Now Available: Aberrant Comic and Scarred Lands Kickstarter Warning!

    Now available in PDF and print from DriveThruComics: Trinity Continuum: Aberrant – You Are Not Alone!

    Gillian Jericho is a young blogger with the interview of a lifetime: the mysterious Antaeus of Team Tomorrow. He’s a nova, one of the superpowered beings that started to appear in the world ten years ago.

    But the interview takes a bizarre twist, and Gillian soon learns why Antaeus wants to speak to her… and some of the hidden secrets about the world of Trinity Continuum: Aberrant.

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  • Conviction and Loyalty [Deviant: The Renegades]

    Eric here. Today, I’m posting a fair chunk of the current Conviction and Loyalty section of Deviant. If conspiracies drive the actions of the entire cohort, Conviction and Loyalty Touchstones provide specific motivation to each individual Remade. Ready? Here we go:

    Divergence damages the part of the Remade’s soul that once guided her senses of self and identity, replacing Virtue and Vice with the twin Anchors of Loyalty and Conviction. She defines herself by her interactions with others — specifically those actions driven by love and hate and directed toward...
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  • Schedules & Emergencies! [Monday Meeting Notes]

    This week, we continue our trend of unusual Monday Meeting posts. Last week it was because we didn’t have a Monday Meeting, so Rich talked about covers because that’s what you do on Labor Day, I guess? This week we did have a meeting, but Rich isn’t writing the blog.

    No, Rich hasn’t decided to start talking about himself in the third person. Instead it is I, “Fast” Eddy Webb, writing the Monday Meeting blog chat up top while Rich and Lisa rush off to handle a family emergency. Further, Matt McElroy is wrapping things up to take...
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  • Episode 68: Gen Con Panel: What’s Up With Onyx Path?

    In which we present our Gen Con 2019 version of the What Up With Onyx Path panel (but with intros and outros!). The sound quality for the panel isn’t amazing, as it’s recorded in a panel room, but bear with us!

    Matthew is a MalkavianA soundboard!Gen Con Panel!! We talk about ALL THE THINGS!Convention talkMatthew (CW) worked in an abattoirBring Michelle to Midwinter! She can talk about coffin liquor!We try to sign off, but get derailed by the Followers of Senpai

    Onyx Path Twitch: https://www.t...
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  • Flaws [Dystopia Rising: Evolution]

    Dystopia Rising: Evolution art by Sam Denmark

    Hello, survivors! This is Eddy, with a peek into Dystopia Rising: Evolution, as well as the design process. After the Kickstarter, I added the concept of Flaws. If you’re a Storyteller / Storytelling veteran, these aren’t what you think. In DR:E, Flaws are effectively the same as Conditions, but they apply to Gear instead of characters.

    See, one of the things I felt was important to DR:E was to keep the aesthetic that salvaged equipment is generally quirky and unreliable. The...
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  • Now Available: Night Horrors: Shunned by the Moon in print

    Now available in print from DriveThruRPG: Night Horrors: Shunned by the Moon!

    You’ve got it into your head that there can’t be much worse than you. You’re a monster, a feral animal, barely controlled and just snapping at unfortunate bastards who cross your path.

    Well, newsflash, buster: there’s far worse out there than your hairy hide.

    We are mutation. We are forced devolution. We are throwbacks and beings so ancient you wish mommy Luna had kept a lid on us. You’ve got teeth and claws....
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  • A Collection of Scars [Deviant: The Renegades]

    Eric, here. Now that we’ve showcased some of the cool powers (Variations) that come with the Divergence, it’s time for a look at a few of the potential prices Deviants pay for their remarkable abilities: Scars.

    Every Variation takes on the activation method of the Scar connected to (or “entangled” with) it. Variations entangled with Controlled Scars are Controlled Variations. Those entangled with Involuntary Scars are Involuntary Variations. Those entangled with Persistent Scars are Persistent Variations.

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  • Ab-solutely a Cover! [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Today’s blog is going to be a bit different. It’s one of the rare Mondays we aren’t holding our weekly meeting, in that it’s the Labor Day holiday here in the US and a bunch of us are all over the place taking care of everything from finishing up conventions to driving a kid back to college.

    So, while we still have our updates and all that, I don’t have a meeting’s worth of notes to share with you in some mutated form. Instead, I thought I’d selfishly take the opportunity to talk about one of my processes; specifically, the process I go through...
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  • Release Roundup: August 2019

    The Collected Works of Onyx Path for August:

    Scion: Heroes for the World: Ready Made Characters for Scion 2nd EditionWraith: The Oblivion: The Book of OblivionExalted: Hundred Devils Night Parade: Makarios, the Sigil’s Dreamer


    Scion Pantheon: Aesir (sticker, journal)Scion Pantheon: Devas (sticker, journal)Scion Pantheon: Kami (sticker, journal)Scion Pantheon: Manitou (shirts, sticker, journal)Scion Pantheon: Orisha (shirts, sticker, journal)Scion Pantheon: Netjer (sticker, journal)Scion Pantheon:...
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  • Episode 67: Interview with a mere bear. (Wait, I mean a MereBear! Meredith Gerber!)

    In which we talk to Meredith Gerber about her work on social media, layout, and writing for Onyx Path and also her work with OneBookShelf/DriveThruRPG!

    An immediate derailmentHow Meredith got involved with the LARP community and then White Wolf, Onyx Path, etc.A bit on book signings.Meredith’s work on our social media!How we work together!Check the Monday Meeting Notes!Social-media negativity and wanting immediate answers.Some stuff about turning things off when you’re done working.Onyx Path as a company is dating R. Talsorian...
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  • Claws and Effect: Dogs, Cats, and Artifacts [Realms of Pugmire]

    Last time I talked about cat reincarnation. In that essay, I also touched on why dogs and cats don’t get along, and I want to dig into that more. One of the advantages the Realms of Pugmire has over other fantasy games is that you don’t have to sell people on why the main species don’t get along. You don’t need pages and pages of why Glorthum the Mighty once smote Briflar the Brave a gazillion years ago and that’s why humans and orcs hate each other, or whatever. We’ve been culturally told that dogs and cats don’t get along, so of course they don’t...
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  • Now Available: Monthly Cavalcade of Exalts

    Now available in PDF from DriveThruRPG: Hundred Devils Night Parade: Makarios, the Sigil’s Dreamer!

    From the frozen North to the burning South, and all directions in between, there are creatures that stalk Creation. Demons, spirits, monsters and even creatures who live alongside mankind are in every region.

    In this collection you will find new foes, encounter old enemies, and learn the secrets of these denizens of Exalted 3rd Edition’s wondrous world.


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