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  • Episode 191: Dystopia Rising: Evolution and Zombie Redux

    In which the trio discusses some more zombie media as it relates to Dystopia Rising: Evolution!

    What have we been up to?A bit on ghost stories and DickensHow do DR:E zombies work?Zombies as background threatHow is DR:E different from other zombie media?Zombies reflecting current fearsZombie media and disability representationSurvival media vs. real-world survivalMixed-splat vs. single-splat games


    Dystopia Rising: Evolution:
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  • Now Available: Prometheus Unbound, plus it’s Dystopia Rising month!

    Now available in advance PDF: Prometheus Unbound for Trinity Continuum: Æon!

    Psions united for humanity’s future! 

    Prometheus Unbound expands the Trinity Continuum: Æon setting by diving into the inner workings, goals, and attitudes of the psi orders. Headed by proxies with powerful visions of the future, the psi orders are united in ensuring humanity’s prosperity but differ on the details.

    Inside, you will find:

    Detailed information on all eight psi orders,...
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  • Mage20 Lore of the Traditions is now live!

    In the face of the growing threat presented by the Order of Reason, mystick mages from across the globe came together for a Grand Convocation in the hopes of finding mutual defense and turning the tide of the nascent Ascension War. Now, with over five hundred years of history behind them, the membership of the Council of Nine Mystick Traditions must reconcile its past and forge a new path into the 21st century. 

    Lore of the Traditions explores the history, practices, and politics of each current member of the Council of Nine. This book lays bare the...
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  • Media Spotlight: The Onyx Path News

    Is it egotistical to focus on our own show for this week’s media spotlight? Maybe, but we want to draw your attention to it so please give it a look!

    The Spotlight

    Coming back to the Onyx Path Publishing YouTube channel on a weekly basis, we have the Onyx Path News, a show dedicated to diving into upcoming and recent releases, news regarding our company, and most importantly, answering fan and customer questions live! Here’s the latest edition:

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  • M20 Lore: Traditionally! [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Thrilled to be able to say that the Kickstarter for the Deluxe M20 Lore of the Traditions starts this Tuesday, the 18th of January, at 2pm EST!

    The thrill really comes from the fact that we weren’t sure we’d be able to even do another M20 book, but the gang at Paradox were cool with it – so here we come!

    Our team have done a great job of breaking out each Tradition into its own focused chapter, and really digging into all the lore for each one going all the way back to first edition – in proper 20th Anniversary...
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  • Episode 190: Special Onyx Path 10th Year Anniversary Episode with Rich Thomas and a Naked Guest!

    In which Eddy, Dixie, and Matthew invite Rich to the episode to celebrate ten years of Onyx Path, reminisce about old victories, and grow anticipation for upcoming triumphs!

    • Recapping the Killer Bees
    • Why Queen Elizabeth II has two birthdays
    • Is the Queen actually dead?
    • A naked interruption!
    • Why and how did Onyx Path start? (the truncated version)
    • The clash of licensed properties (WoD, CofD, Exalted, etc.) and owned properties (Scion, Trinity, They Came From, etc.)
    • Changes...
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  • Now Available: They Came from Beyond the Grave!

    Now available in PDF and print: They Came from Beyond the Grave!

    I urge you now: do not open this book. Do not read its contents. Walk away, live your simple life, and keep these creatures of darkness in the shadows where they belong.

    Opening your eyes to this horrible world – where demons possess dolls, the undead stalk the night, the Devil walks among us, and mummies march from their tombs – is an act of incredible bravery, or perhaps, complete foolishness. Turn away now, before it’s too late…

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  • Media Spotlight: NCRP Productions

    It’s time for another media spotlight from us at Onyx Path!

    Give them your support on Spotify!

    The Spotlight

    This week’s spotlight shines on NCRP Productions! If you’ve not heard of this fine crew, you’ve missed out on some wonderful actual plays including Unhallowed Metropolis, Wrath & Glory, and ALIEN, but we’re not here just to point at excellent games from other studios – they recently concluded a short campaign of Realms of Pugmire called Muttinshire Chronicles!...
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  • DR:E For You and Me! [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Dystopia Rising: Evolution, that is!

    As I mentioned last week, all this year we’re celebrating Onyx Path‘s 10 year anniversary by focusing on a different one of our game lines each month. January is the month for Dystopia Rising: Evolution!

    Here’s a little background: I first began to be aware of Dystopia Rising, the live-action roleplaying experience, during a couple of conventions, including Midwinter, where, instead of vampires, folks were walking about in Road Warrior-esque costumes and armor. The contrast...
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  • Episode 189: The Deadly Invasion of the Holiday Special!

    In which Eddy, Dixie, and Matthew celebrate 2021 with killer bees.

    • The usual nonsense before we start
    • We say we’ll watch on YouTube, but we switch to Vimeo at the last minute
    • Dixie counts you in to “Deadly Invasion: The Killer Bee Nightmare” so you can watch with us!
    • Also, we talk about the movie Caligula and how Ace of Base was secretly neo-Nazi


    Deadly Invasion: The Killer Bee Nightmare (Vimeo):
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  • Now Available: N!WE Unleashed!

    Now available in PDF and print: N!WE Unleashed: Pulse Pounding Nova Wrestling Action! for Trinity Continuum: Aberrant!

    In the world of Trinity Continuum: Aberrant, wrestling is a major form of entertainment. Unlike in our world, many of these wrestlers are novas — individuals with amazing powers — and in the case of N!ternational Wrestling Entertainment and Nova Combat federations, these novas use their powers to wow the crowds, win fans, and make themselves rich, or suffer horribly for trying.

    In N!WE Unleashed!, you roleplay...
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  • Media Spotlight: Devil’s Luck Gaming

    We’re here in 2022 for the weekly media spotlight blog, now posted every Tuesday! We were of course posting every Tuesday in the latter part of 2021, too, but now our spotlight will take a different form: you’ll be given the headline act you really must check out, and then we’ll provide you with round-ups and links for all the other media we’ve been sent or want to promote for the week!

    Some of the Devil’s Luck Gaming team prepping to play Exalted: Essence

    The Spotlight

    This week’s...
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  • Happy 10th Birthday, Onyx Path! [Monday Meeting Notes]


    10 Years!

    (Shades of Grosse Pointe Blank‘s reunion scene)

    10 YEARS!

    First: Thanks to all of you, whether new to us or after ten years on the Path!

    We just could not have gotten here without you, and we truly do appreciate that integral fact. (More on appreciation in a bit).

    When I started Onyx Path just a few months before Jan 1, 2012, it was because I recognized that I missed and loved...
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  • Release Retrospective: 2021

    Whew, what a year! We were all hoping that the pandemic was coming to an end, but how wrong we were. We’re still trying to cope with the fallout in terms of rising prices and material shortages, but we’re trucking on in any case.

    What’s been your favorite Onyx Path release of 2021? What are you looking forward to for 2022?

    Have a great New Year, everyone!

    Onyx Path Games

    Storypath System Preview (2021) (PDF)Onyx Path 2021-2022...
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  • Release Roundup: December 2021

    Stay tuned for the 2021 Release Retrospective later today! Here’s just this month:

    Scarred Lands: Champions of the Scarred Lands (Amazon PoD)Scion: Tales of Heroes: A Scion Anthology (PDF/print)They Came from Beneath the Sea!: Party Beach Creature Feature! Jumpstart (print)They Came from Beneath the Sea!: TCfBtS! VTT Tokens (file)They Came from Beyond the Grave!: The Haunting of Abbeyham Priory! Jumpstart (print)Trinity Continuum: Trinity Continuum: Assassins (pre-order)Legendlore: Legendlore GM Screen (PDF)Realms of Pugmire: The Secret of Vinsen’s...
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  • Episode 188: All the Undead Hits aka Frank Welker’s Anaconda

    In which Dixie and Matthew discuss all manner of subjects!

    • Let’s talk about Trinity Continuum: Aether.
    • Playing as Sherlock, Jekyll, Mina Harker, and more!
    • The Eddephant.
    • Molotov Cocktails in a fantasy setting.
    • When is a zombie not a zombie/walker/shambler/ghoul/living corpse?
    • Removing horror media from your horror setting, thus denying your characters contextual knowledge.
    • How does having fantasy knowledge work in Legendlore?
    • The works of George A. Romero....
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  • Now Available: They Came from the Bermuda Triangle, plus the final Assassins preview!

    Now available in PDF: Storypath Tasty Bit: They Came from the Bermuda Triangle! for They Came from Beneath the Sea! and our final Tasty Bit of 2021! (Don’t worry, we confirmed earlier this year that we’ll be continuing Tasty Bits into 2022.)

    There are few places on this wide world quite so mysterious, quite so confusing, quite so terrifying, as the Bermuda Triangle. This is what makes it a perfect spot for battles, explorations, and high seas hijinks in They Came from Beneath the Sea!

    They Came from the Bermuda Triangle! includes:...
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  • See You In ’22! [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Or is it:


    But that starts getting a little weird. Which is par for the course with us, but I’m leaving ’21 with better clarity and I think our titling should reflect that.

    We’re all off this week, and this blog will be reconfigured when you see it next week, so this is the last in this format as well as the last of the year. With our 10th Anniversary next week, there are going to be a bunch of changes, and we’re all looking forward to the future!

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  • Episode 187: Santa’s Mailbag

    In which a very special guest host arrives to answer listener questions!

    • Any more Wraith 20 content for us restless hopefuls?
    • Will there ever be miniatures released for the Scarred Lands campaign setting?
    • Neall: Naughty or Nice?
    • What Aera in Trinity Continuum would you like to see next? (Not necessarily existing ones, but just ones you’d like to see.)
    • I was a good Garou this year. Will Gaia leave me a nice present in my caern?
    • How do you stay motivated to keep writing...
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