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  • BronzeDog
    replied to Designing Void Spirits
    Seems appropriate for Scriptorian's ideas.

    Though for clarification on my void spirits, I'm keeping clear of death-related things, since those seem more like their own category....
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  • BronzeDog
    replied to Designing Void Spirits
    Started getting an idea for a group of void enthusiasts who enjoy the weird parts of mathematics, zen koans, and so forth. They call themselves the Empty Set. They wind up working with void spirits to explore various altered states of (non)being, possibly interested in some interdimensional exploration of "voidy" places like The Abyss, the Shadow reflection of outer space, or the bottom of the Ocean of Fragments. Imagine "Nowhere" would be a spirit with appropriate transportation powers. ...That reminds me: IIRC, "Utopia" means both "good place" and "no...
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  • Thought it's worth mentioning there's a Brothers Grimm story involving siblings who develop impossible skills and return to show off to their father. To test the marksman son, the father put five eggs on a table: One on each corner, and one in the center. The marksman shot all five eggs with one bullet "using a special gunpowder for shooting around corners."...
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  • BronzeDog
    started a topic Designing Void Spirits

    Designing Void Spirits

    I've been doing some reading on spirits in CoD, and started contemplating ideas for Void spirits. There doesn't seem to be much written about them, so I thought I'd start this thread for discussing concepts. There's a particular feel I'm trying to go for: Enigmatic, subtle to the point that you can't even be sure if they're actually dangerous or just creepy and weird, and strangely intriguing. To hopefully get some ideas going, here are some "types" of Void that come to mind:
    • Absence
    • Blankness
    • Emptiness
    • Erasure
    • False
    • Forget
    • Gone
    • Hole
    • Imaginary (Either not-real or as
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