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  • BronzeDog
    replied to Homebrew 2e contracts!
    Recently dreamed up one idea for a powerful, expensive Contract: "Spell of the Silver Screen"

    It manipulates the minds of mortals so that they believe whatever outlandish things the "director" or "actors" do are part of a performance, movie shoot, or whatever. With an exceptional success, mortal bystanders (or victims) act 'in character' with whatever narrative the Changelings set up. An indirect cost is that it requires some "setup" in the form of costumes, faux camera crews, and the like to "sell" it. The spell breaks if a mortal...
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  • BronzeDog
    replied to Gates of Horn and Ivory
    My speculation: They're the 'proper' way to enter a dream bastion, and how the dreamer's consciousness got inside. Going by the real world mythology, which gate you go in might determine whether you see a 'false' dream or a 'true' prophetic/psychoanalytical one.
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  • Well, I'm stoked. From the looks of it, I can get to designing Ziggy's Grace of the Moon Beast contract as a Royal Steed contract. It might be simpler to combine and reskin some of these, though.

    Basic idea: He can manipulate his personal gravity, immunity to fall damage and falling objects.

    Boon of the Scuttling Spider is good for walking on walls.
    Seven Leagues Leap is good for gravity-assisted jumping and running "downhill" in a chase, as well as giving him a mean dropkick if he picks up the Ogre effect.
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