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  • It's an 8th, but most books have a bad-guy Y along with the other 5. Embers has always had like, 12, with 2 true hearts, 5 normal ones, and the 5 evils. The 7 normal ones we have written down are...
    Ash - Destruction
    Blood - Virtue
    Bone - Stability
    Coin - Materialism
    Sweat - Creation
    Tears - Emotion
    Tome - Knowledge

    There's also one for Undecided and Void... They're in the Transitional Rulebook. It's a concept that hasn't really changed in the past year...
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  • So... A couple things have come up that we might use some community feedback on...

    Philosophies - so, we have 7 instea of 5, abd while I think they're all pretty much unique while still being broad enough to cover all the bases, I'm wondering if anyone is uncomfortable with there being 7 instead of 5. We could boil it back down to the original 5, but I worry that won't be enough to have everything you want...

    As for differentiation, I was wanting to make sure they all had something more than a Purview (Edict) list to make the choice more meaningful. So far, we came...
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