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  • Extending Obsfuscate for more than a scene?

    Ok so i really want to use level 3 obsfuscate (mask of 1000 faces) as an almost perninant disguise. I don't want anyone, even my coiterie finding out what i look like. He's asian for goodness sake, i can't let anyone find this it. Problem is that the book says most instances of obsfuscate only last a scene. Obviously i can't just break the rules. Any way to extend this? I guess I'd be happy to reroll but if we do any traveling,(it's dark ages so we will take days to get between not very far locations), the effect won't last as that's way more than a scene. What do you think?
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  • I think I eventually he does want to master the soul. He also wants his partner to master the soul too. He definitely will learn some sorcery, as he does have an interest in mages, if only a slight one currently. He and his scholar partner are travellers and they believe in their place with the children of Zao-lot, however he believes that to be a hidden and secretive role of intrigue that not even the closest of allies necessarily need to know about. They might not see eye to eye but they do trust each other. I’d say he has an interest in various cultures and can never stay still. Of course...
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  • That might work. Although I feel i’d Have to be at a very low level of humanity (3 or lower) because otherwise i’d just be far too moral to really fit in with my group...
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  • Honestly, i’m Not a big fan of humanity. Honestly would get a bit bored with it tbh. Plus i’d Have problems with the whole no theft thing, which would be very problematic...
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  • [DAV20] Help with choosing Road Salubri Watcher

    Ok we are playing a game set in Ancient Rome, set to span until modern day. So far we have been using Dark ages rules. Unfortunately my last character died... And I needed a new one. So I choose a Salubri Watcher so I could try a character where I tell none of the other players anything. He’s gonna be a Chinese Trader who has travelled along the Silk Road until he got to Rome, all with his trusty sidekick (who has the same sire, natch). Well that’s what he’s like on the outside. He’s really a pickpocket, conman thief with grand aspirations of the occult, for his partner to analyse and...
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