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  • bob275
    replied to Your Tzimisce Experiences?
    I had a Tzmiche in a game i was in. He managed to stay hidden for about 10 sessions. Crazy stuff. He flesh crafted himself to have 5 points of appearance and then made everyone as ugly as he could. Unfortunately he did steal my ghoul and flesh crafted it into something so hideous i dare not describe it
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  • His obsession is with politics, and secrets. Finding out secrets and using those to climb the political ladder, all from the shadows.

    Path of vizier fits nicely. But if that's a recent psth not sure if he'd be following it. I kinda like Path if Daena but that's a bit restrictive. And the zoroastrian one in the companion book looks a bit conplex for a manipulative character...
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  • V20 Dark ages: roads for my character ideas?

    So I’m going to be playing a V20dark ages game as an Assamite vizier. He won’t be Muslim, we’ll be playing elders, so he’s been embraced before even Christianity. Basically he’s a quite a traditional Assamite vizier, except he’s going to be big in political manoeuvres from the shadows type thing. Not much of a fight guy. What road works for this? I thought of road of kings, path of Deana or Path of blood but is that only warriors? And any ideas for nature and demeanor or anything else?
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