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  • I tend to treat sorcery as a complex series of initiations, riddles, study, daily practices, and barriers/schemes thought up by the cainites involved.
    For example, in my chronicles, abyss mystics have to actually spend time learning under a master. This consists of a series of ordeals, partly to acquaint the apprentice with the abyss both within and without and partly because lasombra are really sadistic sometimes and partly because "if you can't survive the training then you don't deserve the power". Sometimes the master will try to use this opportunity to push the apprentice...
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  • The most memorable character I ever played was a malkavian named Titus though he went by several aliases, Tito l'orfano or Titus the Orphan being one of his most common. He was embraced in 1197 by a cainite who was fleeing a mortal mob. This cainite wanted to basically feed from him then use him as a distraction, giving him just enough blood to embrace him and send him into frenzy. He managed to kill enough of the mob and escape in sheer panic fleeing to Venice. He did not know what he was or what clan he was, so he was effectively a caitiff. He lived in the area, subsisting mostly on rats and...
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