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  • cobweb
    replied to When it is too much ?
    Personally I would either not allow it (this is the default case for any power gaming stuff in any VtM game I run), or I would find some way to spin it to create a challenge or make a plot.

    If you want to go with the latter, then go with that. If your player wants to play a thaumaturgical prodigy, then let them deal with the ramifications of that. Their giftedness makes them a target not just by those above them in the pyramid but those below them as well. Show off too much and one (or more) of their elders may decide they're better off blood bound, dominated, and blackmailed into...
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  • I don't think thin bloods are going to replace the clans, though they seem to be getting more and more numerous. This sort of goes with older motifs in VtM rather than against them (the whole young vs old, masses vs the elite, etc.). Are they a replacement, probably not, but they are a new factor in the whole makeup of the game and the metaplot.

    I think the V5 rules make thin bloods interesting and give them cool advantages without making them too powerful. In the past they were just weaker vampires, but now they are something else. They are still weaker than most and still at the...
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