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  • cobweb
    started a topic An Odd Request: What's your roleplaying story?

    An Odd Request: What's your roleplaying story?

    Hey all. I’m doing an ethnography project for a summer class. Since one of the criteria was to conduct my research within an online community that I am involved with, I figured these forums would be an interesting place to start. I’m also just curious to hear people’s stories and generally just get more involved in this community. Keep in mind that these will be used in a project for college, so your posts may be quoted, though I do not intend to publish my findings (and if that changes I will contact everyone to make sure it’s ok). All that being said if you don’t want to post a response...
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  • Victorian age vampire is an excellent setting, though I am a style over realism sort of ST so keep that in mind. The only other VTM setting I have gotten more mileage out of is Dark Ages.
    ​I would recommend looking into the Victorian age companion. It is great as well and offers a bit more depth to the setting. The section on using gothic storytelling conventions and the section on secret societies are both excellent and full of plot hooks that I still use to this day. The setting as a whole offers a sweet spot between the looseness of the dark ages and the more restrictive modern night...
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