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  • shadryx
    replied to Enchanting the faded?
    Page 366: All fae know the desolate end to which they are doomed.
    No matter how bright the spark burns, no matter how fierce
    the spirit, eventually Banality wins. Through a natural Fading
    or an unnatural Undoing, the Mists can cloud even a fae mind.
    Most remember nothing of their lives as changelings, waking
    from what seems like a long dream to lead normal, average lives
    like any other mortal.

    Looking through the rest of the book I can't find any other mention of fading, so I'm guessing it must just be a slower way to become undone.
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  • shadryx
    started a topic Enchanting the faded?

    Enchanting the faded?

    So in the book it says it's a really bad idea to try to enchant the undone, but what about enchanting the faded? Do they remember their fairy self but are treated as kinain? Or is it the same as for undone? If the book says so, I'm not finding it.
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  • shadryx
    replied to Is Scion origins out? Confused as hell here...
    Us backers have the no-frills no-art version right now and I think it will definitely be worth the wait.
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  • shadryx
    replied to Freehold data sheet?
    Nobody? I was hoping maybe Mr Gone might have one, but no.
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