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  • Okay, yeah, that makes more sense. Most of the passages from Beast that stood out to me were...not that....
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  • Uhhhh... you mean that the elevator pitch for Beast has a good take on what you want Lunars to be, right? Because what we actually got reads, to me, like a tract on how cool it is to be an abusive social predator (contra Vampire: the Requiem, which emphasizes how awful it is to be an abusive social predator)....
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  • I think that the writing for Exalted has generally tended to forget that Lunars even exist and then crowbarred them into existing setting elements rather than giving them anything that is principally-theirs, the way that the Blessed Isle is for the DBs or Heaven is for Sidereals or the Underworld for Abyssals. This plus the generally-assumed inevitability of the returned Solars completely overshadowing anything the Lunars have done or ever will do is why I would really like a sourcebook for the Shogunate or the very early Realm, because then there's space for Lunar games to focus on the gruesome,...
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