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  • Brennanhawkwood
    replied to Scion:Hero request: legendary titles
    Here are the ones for our PCs (and one full PC-built NPC):

    The Lethal One - Warrior
    The Far Traveler - Liminal
    Bringer of Mercy - Judge
    Mentor to the Chosen - Sage
    Shepherd of the Faithful - Guardian
    Hound of the Underworld - Liminal
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  • The way we have been playing it is to handle that as a part of the 'tweaking' that can be done between play sessions. I believe Scion: Origins refers to being able to swap in a new Knack that you have purchased so we assumed that would apply for picking which Knacks are available for your character....
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  • Brennanhawkwood
    replied to Birthrights Discussion
    I'd probably rate the Fenris-Tooth Dagger and Skeletal Hand at Relic 5: 2 dots for the first Purview, 2 dots for the second Purview, 1 dot for the other effects.

    The Never-Ending Sake Bottle I could see at 4 or 5 depending on how 'powerful or broad' never needing to be refilled is considered to be. Given the Irish Muscle Car appears to combine never needing gas starting with the Head Start enhancement in one Knack it might be that never needing to be refilled by itself wouldn't cost anything.

    Here are a couple of Birthrights I worked up for the PCs in my group:
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