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  • ajf115
    replied to A call for aid!
    I don't remember seeing any such rules around; however there's no reason that your Hero character can't use the rules that antagonist Heroes use and just... be a good person. Go after the really horrible Beasts, the ones who are monsters and who revel in their cruelty, rather than the (relatively) benevolent ones. Just... keep your Integrity up.

    If you have to, it wouldn't be that hard to come up with a condition for gaining new Gifts that aren't 'kill a Beast'. Perhaps they can be gained by performing some great work for a community (e.g. helping them put themselves back together...
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  • It's been a pleasure talking with you when I could, and my sincerest hopes for your wellbeing go to you. I hope to see many more conversations with you.

    *raises glass*

    To you, Cinder.
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