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  • I'm pretty sure in DtF the writer referes to the same thing when using the terms shadow world, shadow lands and shadow realm. Read the full description of Step Beyond the Veil and you'll see what I'm talking about.

    You can access it via Step Beyond the Veil as well....
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  • Lore of the Realms Question (DtF core book, p.213)

    Once the demon has crossed the barrier and stepped into the shadow world, can the demon perceive the individuals inhabiting the mortal world? If yes, would Step Beyond the Veil (Level Two) be enough for that or would the demon need Reach Across the Barrier (Level Four)?

    There is no doubt that can be done using Ghost Walk (Level Three) but the issue is that Ghost Walk creates an image of the demon in the mortal world. The demon basically wants to spectate the individuals in the mortal world from the shadow world without being seen by the mortal world inhabitants.

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