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  • ​They're more like heroic bullies or jerks. You might find some of them unpleasant or obnoxious, but they save environment. yet sometimes unfortunate mortals will get in the way & accidently killed because of pissed of Garou. So, it's hard for them to walk away from their more horrific aspects even if when you finally understand their noble cause. Kind of like that guy who destroyed the only space ship they had to shoot the Critter who was murdering them one by one. (From the fourth and last Critters film, in case your wondering.)...
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  • I know it's not me ,that's how I made my avatar/toon from that game through a weird glitch that allowed him to get that close, but it could be me and bat creature moments later. Appologies for it's level of vulgarity, but Werewolf and art inspired by it generally is vulgar. Yet figured on it's aptness considering the artwork done for me in that book.
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  • Remember the artwork done fro me in the new Book of the Wyrm.

    You will have to find it in the book if you don't know which one I mean. I was never clear intentions of the Bat thing. Clearly ne of those BSD's with the bat mutations.....

    ​Then I took this phot from Conan Exiles.

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