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  • Azahul
    replied to Mixing Cults with Barony
    I can't say I have used those mechanics, but I love the concept. I'll need to dig out Damnation City and actually read over the Primacy rules, it's been a long time since I looked at them and I'm super hazy, but actually modelling a cult's development down through the centuries for a political game could be a lot of fun indeed. Featuring multiple descents allows for cool things like entire descents dedicated to the recruitment of particularly talented NPCs, for example, and though it's possible they may not even be alive by the time the Mummy next arises at least the cult would have benefited...
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  • As Bunyip mentioned, my own Actual Play reports are in this forum just below this thread. I completely agree with nofather in that a Werewolf game should start with a hunt, though ours ran for something like the first five sessions of the campaign and wasn't particularly violent. Since it largely ended up targeting an institution rather than individual, the hunt ended up being rather socially focussed in nature.
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  • For some reason in the last two write-ups I started spelling Regan's name wrong again Now on to the ramble!

    A few members of the game are about to go overseas for 4-5 weeks, so we were aiming this week or next to hit a natural end point before the break. I'd say we successfully managed that with this session, ending with a final resolution to the events that began this campaign. Odds seem good that the quarry itself isn't going to be the biggest issue for the Harbingers moving forward... With the game's one year anniversary taking place during the break, it sure makes that...
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  • Session 28

    OOC: This is a big one, and I have a few things I'd like to dig into and analyse in a later post. It may take a day or two for me to get my thoughts in order though, in part because I'm still processing everything that went down. If nothing else though, this was an absolute cracker of a session.

    Sunday rolled around, and with it came the charity drive the Harbingers had arranged for the out-of-work quarry employees. The morning started slow, with the local gossip Gloria being the first through the door, but by the time Martin Covoney showed up the church was...
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  • Oops, forgot to update this following the last two sessions. Just quickly to get us up to date:

    Sessions 26 and 27

    The pack managed to evade the hunting soldiers without much difficulty. Reagan used her gifts to will her packmates as silent and stealthy as she was, and they slipped through streets and undergrowth until they were able to circle back to Aed's home. Aaron stopped off at the church, but the rest of the pack holed up at Aed's place. Reagan didn't want to risk the streets with the army out in force, but she was able to persuade Steph in a phone call that she...
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