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  • Got back from holidays on Thursday, and of course one of the first things I did after getting off the plane was making sure everyone was ready for a game over the weekend. And with that we have...

    Session 9

    With their duties discharged and Christmas upon them, each of the Harbingers spent their Christmas Eve busying themselves in their own way. Regan wanted to do something nice for her aunt, so she spent the day baking. Orla had a present in mind for her new pack, so she sealed herself away in her room with a bucket of dead rats, a coat hanger, and an imprisoned
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  • I wouldn't know where to begin... I've barely looked at existing SAS, all my exposure to them is basically limited to the sample stories occasionally tucked away in the back of some first edition blue books. Aren't they normally linear sample adventures broken down as a sequence of consecutive scenes? Given that I mostly write campaigns as just a stack of environments and attendant NPCs, with the latter all having objectives, and then as the players explore their world I push everything into the players' faces with all the enthusiasm of a kid bashing toys together. I'm not sure the format carries...
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