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  • Just a heads up for anyone wondering about the lack of updates, a few players have been snowed under and unable to make it the past few weekends. The coming weekend will probably also be a no-go, but we expect to be back in two weeks.

    On the plus side, this gives the players plenty of time to work out what they actually want to do about Braghdar and Silver City.
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  • Oops, kept forgetting to actually do this write-up. If this looks a little short, it's because about 60% of the session gets glossed over in the first two paragraphs.

    Session 24

    The overwhelming bulk of this session consisted of the pack evaluating and discarding different approaches to sealing the hole in the Gauntlet and preventing any further incursions by Silver City. The options ranged from Aaron conceding that he saw forcing an Azlu to web the area as the best option, all the way to Regan suggesting that they all just dive through the hole into the middle of the...
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  • Well strictly speaking the army did shut down the mine. Sure, their attention was called to the mine in the first place by the pack's efforts in getting the strange disturbances mentioned in the newspaper, but even the army doesn't know that the pack was responsible for that ...
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  • Session 23

    It's impossible to know, really, what the soldiers in the quarry were thinking when they saw Orla and Aed approach dressed halfway between luchadors and superheroes. The men's expressions were hidden behind their mirrored visors, and the lead soldier began to fumble for something at his waist as the Harbingers drew closer. It was Braghdar who intercepted them, the spirit visibly puzzled and incapable of recognising the werewolves in their costumes. Aed confidently demanded that the spirit cease cooperating with the soldiers and that the humans return to the world of the...
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