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  • Azahul
    replied to Tips about running mummy
    I've been planning a Mummy chronicle set in a small town myself for some time, with the plan being to have the entire population of the town serving as the players' cult. That solves the above issue Vent0 mentions of the massive Sybaris afflicting the local population, though there are other ways to deal with it. You could instead take the angle that the people of the town know their town is cursed, but try to avoid acknowledging that fact. I think Derry from the Thing would be a pretty good model, if you go that route.

    Unless there is an enormous concentration of Arisen in the town...
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  • Azahul
    replied to Homebrew Sorcery Rites
    It is Mummy themed content, so the sorcery is manipulating Sekhem and I assume that's why the requisite expenditure is in Pillars.

    That said, the system is so baseline and easy to mod that you can change that element with zero repercussions, beyond what it might mean for your personal setting....
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