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  • Sacerdos
    replied to Suggested resources for mythology
    Huh, pretty obscure figure, hard to find much on him. Keith Stevens has written an article all about him (and related deities): "The Celestial Ministry of Time". In: Journal of the Hong Kong Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society Vol. 40 (2000), pp. 113-154.
    Otherwise, I can think of no particular sources on him, though I can tell you what I've picked up from some mentions of him here and there: He was originally the personification of the twelve stars who stand directly opposite to Jupiter throughout the course of its twelve-year-orbit, but later also became associated with the planet...
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  • Sacerdos
    replied to What would the Gods think.
    Not to derail the discussion there, but footbinding had nothing to do with slavery. Such a "lotus foot" was a mark of beauty and nobility, not of servitude. I mean, still horrible sexist crap, but a whole other kettle of fish from slaves and how they were treated.

    So, historical East Asian slavery is kind of ... fuzzy around the edges. There's very much historical development there, and very few clear definitions. In general, if one talks about cultural perceptions of slavery, one encounters a problem of definition - what is slavery? Do models as different...
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