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  • OmegaZ
    started a topic Leslie Knope as an N.W.O. Technocrat

    Leslie Knope as an N.W.O. Technocrat

    So Leslie Knope from Parks & Recreation s kinda-sorta everything that's right with local government and could be a fantastic N.W.O. bureaucromancer. Am I crazy or is this a brilliant idea?
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  • I've run games in Chicago and Yellostone National Park, that was really fun. I also want to run a cross-country traveling game across the U.S. Its not an exact location, but I think travel games make for a unique modern game.
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  • OmegaZ
    replied to Dragon Egg Delivery
    Bluecho Good feed back! Here's what I've got to answer your questions:

    1. This would be a game for starting Mage characters,so they wouldn't be able to use teleportation to jump where they needed to be.

    2. I had in mind that the Hermetic would not have enough Spirit or Correspondence dots to do the job himself, plus the Technocracy is closing in on him. By giving the egg to the PC's he hopes to smuggle it out of the city before the Technocracy confiscates it an throws it in a museum.

    3. The idea of the Destination Mage being a planar scholar who knows the...
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  • OmegaZ
    started a topic Dragon Egg Delivery

    Dragon Egg Delivery

    So I've been kicking around this idea for awhile, do you think this would be feasible/not garbage?

    >Game starts in Boston, Order of Hermes mage calls the PC's to his ancestral home/chantry

    >Hermetic has acquired a dragon egg, about the size/weight of a bowling ball. The Consensus has turned it to a fossilized dinosaur egg, but the Hermetic believes if it can be moved to a Horizon realm it can be hatched into a true dragon.

    >Hermetic doesn't have Spirit magic, but knows a Dreamspeaker out west who could probably do it.

    >Problem is...
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