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  • Interesting. I'll want to see more as you go further with this before commenting one way or the other. There's definitely interesting ideas here at the least.
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  • I have a pair of questions, sort of.

    Don't you regain more motes when you're crashed or otherwise slowed down? it adds an extra 3 motes to your regain, then you continue regaining 5 motes per turn. or am I misreading that?

    Second, aren't Clashes more common now since there's only 8 spots, meaning people are more likely to overlap? While you have lowered the ability for Guard to force clashes, and made it so that clashes don't constantly happen, it seems like clashes will just be more common overall due to the lower spot rate. I'm not crazy enough to suggest that you're...
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  • Flare
    replied to Manual of Inherited Power: Demigods
    My biggest problem with this from a playability standpoint, at the absolute lowest, smallest level of Chargen, is that if you're giving Free Excellencies and Ox-Bodies, you literally can only take the following load out of charms at Chargen;

    1 Purchase of Essence Plethora
    1 Purchase of Measure the Wind
    1 Purchase of Reserve of Will
    1 Purchase of Divine Perogative
    Lore Charm: Didn't Read the Manual
    Lore Charm: Essence-Lending Method
    Athletics Charm: Divine Sprint
    Athletics Charm: Herculean Strength
    Athletics Charm: Leap to the Moon...
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