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  • I am just trying to see a silver lining to this flaw. Its an interesting concept and the Ready Made Character from V20 for Tremere actually has this flaw. So I was considering its use in a game. Honestly, I might even be tempted to see if one could initiate a new path to help replicate discipines, or find obscure paths of Thaumaturgy to help fill in those massive gaps in your capabilities.
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  • TheLastSane1
    started a topic Mage Blood (Flaw) Inquiry

    Mage Blood (Flaw) Inquiry

    Ok so this flaw is worth 5 pts. And it states that your blood is so tied with magic that you are unable to use any discipline other than Thaumaturgy. And that while no path or ritual is barred to you. You may not gain any dots in any other discipline.

    How crippling is this flaw?
    Are there ways to turn this into a strength?
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