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  • CaptainSL
    started a topic Homemade City and Consilium (2e)

    Homemade City and Consilium (2e)

    So a few years back I created a homemade city for me to set all my World of Darkness games in. It has gone through several iterations and recently I shifted it to my native Sweden.

    After playing a few sessions within the latest "iteration" with some friends I felt that while each Order has their own thing I felt that I wanted something more.

    I felt that in the same way as an individual Mage ground their own magic in some kind of magical tradition and symbolism, the local founder of the Order would ground the Order within the same symbolism that they use....
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  • CaptainSL
    replied to Exalted Forum Introduction Thread
    Hello everyone.

    I first got my hands on Exalted about 6-7 years ago. GM:ed a few groups but non that really stuck together for too long.

    I really fell in love with the setting because of the basic premise of "the world is doomed and everything is stacked against you and you might just as well give up... If it were not for the fact that you are a SOLAR EXALTED, CHOSEN OF THE UNCONQUERED SUN". I really like the idea of the characters being empowered to actually change the world.

    Anyway. I live in Sweden and recently started GM:ing Third Edition with...
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