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  • I strive to incorporate Scars into the story as organically as I can. I would rather a Scar hit only every few chapters but memorably than try to shoehorn it into every chapter. It seems like a fun thing to chat about, but we would definitely derail this thread in the process, so maybe start a new one. ...
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  • In the game I'm currently running, one of the characters has Amnesia 5 and started out with an interesting Conviction Touchstone situation:

    - Hating someone because they did something awful to you (likely connected to your Divergence), and even if you don't remember the offense anymore, the hatred still burns.
    - Hating someone because something about them *reminds* you of a person who did something awful to you, even though they are entirely innocent.

    For several sessions it wasn't at all clear which of the two situations applied to his Conviction Touchstones. In...
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