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  • then methuselah, or antideluvians will do the trick

    in one Gehena scenario, an aztec methuselah rose in mexico, wiped out the sabbat and forced every vampire and human to rebuilt the old Aztec cities,
    the same can happen if enough methuselahs rose in other places such as Mithras,

    normally, the Camarilla won't oppose them, or won't be able to

    they will face opposition from the Sabbat and possibly other supernatural forces,
    it will be your job to explain how they succeed...
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  • technology would be a bad thing for garou,
    but there's a garou tribe that relies on technology and are on the weaver's side
    and the BSD are your infernalist garou tribe that revels in the decay modern society is bringing

    those two won't be affected much

    plus Garou aren't the only shifters, Ananasi (werespiders) for example, enjoy more benefits thanks to modernization

    Vampires and Demons won't be affected much,
    vampires are apex predators because they have ways to manipulate humans (blood bond, disciplines etc),
    you don't have...
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  • well, for one, werfs are dying
    they have a repopulation issue to deal with, unless v5 retcons that issue somehow

    vampires (and demons) are still on top of the food chain, but being the apex predator doesn't require you to be open about it,
    the masquerade is integral to vampiric nature,
    whether they masquerade as humans, business men, religious fanatics, medieval Kings or evn mythological gods, they're still masquerading

    the Inquisition is not just humans, they have imbued, supernaturals, among them.
    you're not putting humanity back in its place,...
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  • by the way, obfuscate isn't a "turning invisible" discipline, it's a mind control discipline that makes people surrounding you believe you're not there....
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  • Pleiades
    replied to Cainite Heresy
    the Cainite heresy, like the cathars, believe in the dual gods, the good one (spirit) and the evil one (matter)

    according to them, Caine was spiritual while Abel was material,
    and the curse of vampirism was actually a gift from the good god who rewarded Caine for slaying the material Abel,
    making Caine and his childer the holder of the spirit in the corrupt material world

    he then returned a second time in the form of Jesus and must come back a third time during Gehenna

    when gehenna comes, Caine will free them from the corruption or whatevs...
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  • doesn't have to be better dark vision,
    (something makes me think the devs do not want vampires to be able to see in the dark without disciplines or merits,
    there was something in a dark ages book talking about developing superstitions due to fear of the dark etc)

    but thing is, they don't need to have better night vision, just better senses in general, like animals,
    it's just that they can't see images and can't read (makes sense)

    the rules seem to support it, there's nothing saying vampires can't operate in the dark, they get +2 diff penalty at worst...
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  • Pleiades
    replied to How to fake incompetence?
    use dice rolling apps (I know, I'm a heretic)
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