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  • that's where the conscience roll comes in,
    if the roll is successful, you rationalize your deed with whatever code of honor your mafiosi has,
    if it fails, the beast takes the opportunity to creep in a bit more and your mafiosi becomes a bit more psychotic as a result...
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  • no, the reverse,
    humans can understand and sympathize with a cainite morality (like we as roleplayers do), but adopting such morality and putting it into practice to the letter is another story (due to our limitations)

    also, it's worth noting that alot of people see paths as checklists of things to do and not to do,
    but for vampires, it's anchored into their psyche, it's second nature for them (at least, at higher levels)...
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  • I'm a power hungry satanist, obsessed with death and uphold a code of honor,
    I tell that to everyone, and spend days planning my overtaking of the world and the massive sacrifices to the gods that will ensue in the name of chaos

    but I'm weak, my muscles fail me, a small calliber bullet through the arm and I'm paralyzed by pain,
    I have to see a doctor every week to fix some pain on the elbows or my back getting stuck,
    sports don't fix it, you still have sports related injuries,
    I tire quickly, need to take breaks, and can't stay focused for more than 10 minutes,...
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  • humane, I don't think so

    maybe in the modern nights, your average nossie is gonna squirm at some of the sabbat's extremes,
    but back then, the nosferatu and sabbat were different, and humanity was not the norm

    the sabbat for one were no different than your average anarch or any vampire really, they were just vampires hunting elders without the extremes that are associated with them in modern times

    as for the nossies, while some of them were dedicated to the Road of humanity, most would be on different Roads (some more inhuman than others)

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  • cause it's not a matter of ideology, but necessity

    if you consider sabbat history, the lasombra was not part of it at the beginning,
    at first, they had the black hand, and that's it,
    but it wasn't enough, they lost scandinavia to the Cam, and later failed to establish a foothold on mexico,
    those failures are what led them to take full part in the sabbat initiative

    the nosferatu didn't have that problem,
    one of theirs took part in whatever founding the camarilla,
    unlike the lasombra, they had nothing to lose, since the undergrounds (read:...
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  • Pleiades
    replied to Who is right?
    kuei-jin are better informed than cainites, but they're still quite ignorant as a whole,
    and they also fall into the same generalizing habits as cainites,
    as in, cainites see every powerful entity as a methuselah or antideluvian, every spirit is a demon, and every demon is a "true demon",
    kuei-jin see everything as a yama king, an akuma, the distinction between fallen and any other sort of demon is null etc

    all in all, it's the same as for cainites, only the infernalists, akuma and yama kings know the truth...
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  • well, if we use this example to expand on my point,

    if we assume that his peers don't care about the marriage, and is purely a private affair between Velya and Cassidy,
    then cassidy would be getting nothing from that marriage.
    of course, no one would dare touch Cassidy by fear of Velya's retribution, but that's it

    however, if the marriage was semi-official, supported by his peers (willingly or by force), then cassidy would share Velya's status (like in that merit I mentioned),
    her words would have relatively the same weight as her spouse

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  • that's one necro I wasn't expecting lol

    I don't remember clearly,
    I believe I got the camarilla part from some by night book, where 2 vampires from different clans wanted to get married (I think one of them was Tremere?),
    the respective clans approved, but the Prince was being a bitch about it

    there's another scenario where a prince was married to another vampire (probably another by night book, but I haven't read it)

    Sabbat are more liberal in general, relationships are all over the place (even pedophile ones), who would give a shit about marriage?...
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