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  • According to the W20 changing breeds book, ghurals can use rage to gain strength, stamina and to gain additional health levels.

    It doesn't say ghurals can't use rage to remain active or to gain additional actions.
    Does this mean ghurals can use rage to gain additional actions, since the sourcebook doesn't state otherwise?
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  • Can salubris feed from slipping people?

    Well, that's the question. Does the clan weaknesses of the Salubri prevent them from drinking from a sleeping person?

    What's about a recent corpse (assuming the Salubri was not the murderer)?

    During sex (without asking permission to drink too the other person)?

    Other examples to help understanding the limits of this weakness?

    Thank you
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  • erSito
    started a topic Remain active roll various questions

    Remain active roll various questions

    Hello, I’m the GM for my first WW game and I’ve a few questions on the “remain active roll” after reading the 20th book.

    1) Do the characters roll when they reach crippled or when they go beyond crippled? Does it matter if the damage is basing, lethal or aggravated?

    2) Do all changing breeds with Rage have the right to this “remain active” roll? Or do each breed use the Rage differently?

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