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  • maryshelly
    started a topic Gauntlet Power for Locusts hosts

    Gauntlet Power for Locusts hosts

    I noticed that in the write up for King of Honey in Forsaken by the moon that he did not have a Gauntlet power like the other hosts do. However, in the Pack it suggests that the Locusts hosts are able to manipulate the Gauntlet in Dubai. Was this just an oversight or do Locusts lack an ability to manipulate the gauntlet?
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  • maryshelly
    started a topic ZAHAKERYON vs a werewolf pack

    ZAHAKERYON vs a werewolf pack

    ......or maybe vs a whole protectorate? I get the impression he could take on a whole hunting ground and win. Not only does he have a large dice pool to attack and great regenerative powers, but his ability to leverage beast nightmares enables him to win a fight without even having to strike a blow. Using fear is contagious, being high satiety, and spending 1 essence, he could dominate a whole pack, using you must obey, into his service until they become mutated by the Geryo strain and they become monsters loyal to him ( after which he could rinse and repeat with another pack). Should he decide...
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