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  • I am sure that a pack of werewolves packed together on a viking ship for weeks of a time would probably be great fodder for a story. Trying to stay calm and not fly into Basu Ilm would probably be a challenge. I think there are a number of movies where a group of protagonists are in a confined space trying to survive as tensions escalate. Throw in a Beshilu on board and I am sure it would make for a fun trip.
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  • maryshelly
    started a topic A Plague Tale: Innocence

    A Plague Tale: Innocence

    A new game is coming out for Xbox which takes place in the Medieval era and revolves a plague of rats.

    First thing I thought is "...looks like a Beshilu outbreak..."
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  • maryshelly
    started a topic Invisible Sun

    Invisible Sun

    Has anyone checked out Invisible Sun by Monte Cook games? It seems to be a magic based game which is in a pretty trippy surreal world. The artwork is great and I am still trying to figure out the rules but it seems to be a great inspiration for Mage. It seems weirder than the other games from Monte Cook which is saying a lot. I should point out that the PDF is about $100.00 USD so it seems pretty pricy for an RPG.
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