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  • I think this is a very good idea. I remember that there was a challenge scene in the book signs of the Moon where the Pack must fight an equally sized pack of Beshulu that have the Beastmaster trait. The scenario involved fighting the Rat Hosts and a swarm of rats in a sewer. This was rated 5 starts for physical which implied extreme danger. The logic, I guess, is that damage will be done to the characters every round, but that Kuruth will not save them because the Garou form will not affect the swarm at all. The werewolf can keep thrashing at the swarm to no effect until the timer ends and...
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  • Oh...I almost forgot. The final action that a Host can do, if all else fails, is discorporate when the werewolf lands the killing blow. Assuming that one shard remains than the Host can try try again another day....
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  • One of the characters in the new book, the city architect Azlu, has a similar 4 point method of defeating werewolves. It is something like

    1/ Observe
    2/ Bind
    3/ Strike to Kill
    4/ Flee

    The earlier posters made sense. If the werewolf goes into Garou form, dodge or flee ( I would say if they go into Kuruth, really run like hell). Once they are out of their war form you can revisit them for more of a "fair fight"

    In addition, both Ridden and Hosts have knowledge of Werewolves. They can be similar to many hunter compacts and just...
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  • Can werewolves be targeted for Spirit Claiming or Possession?

    I noticed that Spirits can claim or Possess beings that can resist with 2 attributes + Primal Urge. Does that mean that a daring Spirit can attempt to control a Werewolf or other Supernatural template? I know that the Strix can possess Kindred so it makes sense that werewolves might get targeted as well....
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  • I was reading the Idigam Chronicles and one story went something like this...

    you're a Werewolf? So am I!

    You're hunting a strange spirit? Me too

    let's form a pack and we can hunt it together
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