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  • How claimed leverage their influences

    This is regarding some of the cool inspirations that where in Shunned by the Moon, which was a great book for ideas.

    Regarding Broken Mirror, if she is fettered to her host, or possessing her, how does she use her influences? The book indicates that she can pass herself off as a friend of a pack to help them lower their rage (her influence is rage 2). The book seems to indicate that spirits cannot use influences when fettered or possessed, only claimed. If the spirit wanted to calm the rage of a pack, or incite them to rage, does the spirit need to temporarily eject from the host...
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  • maryshelly
    started a topic Blowing holes in the Gauntlet

    Blowing holes in the Gauntlet

    So...any rat shard who just occupied a human being can start gnawing at the gauntlet and either lower the level, or even remove it outright in certain areas causing holes in the gauntlet. Other entities can do this too, such as the Shadow Gate Manifestation, or the power of the Idigam to manipulate gauntlet. There are many creatures that can lower the gauntlet, or even cause a hole where there is no gauntlet.

    From a storytelling point of view, what happens after that? Do spirits start flooding out or does it take them time to notice and start using it. Once the gauntlet has been...
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  • In the main book, in the Rahu section, it shows a bloodied Rahu with 2 dead packmates and the shadow of a large Azlu. This assumes the Azlu killed the 2 werewolves in Garou form and is ready to face the Rahu. Is this actually possible or just a cool picture?
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