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  • I believe he means The Beyond, like what happened to Prince Laashe.
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  • Looks like I'm the only Ride Supernal, at least so far.
    The Feather in the Storm is actually a Moonshadow Caste but I work with what I've got. She's very good in duels.
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  • The Hug Ninja
    replied to Lioness' Ramblings
    Lioness is probably going to be talking about Nileen or Erubian Exalted again pretty soon so I should explain a few things.

    I first made the Erubian Exalted for the Ex3 playtest, the most unique thing about them is that they sleep in sealed and fluid filled containers called coffins, caskets or sarcophagi (depending on the local custom) for an indeterminate amount of time before their exaltation takes hold. Think like the Chrysalis Grotesques of the Green Sun Princes but being stashed underground or in abandoned buildings for years at a time and tended to by cultists.
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