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  • I don't know. Using Skopos as the example, it looks like it's clear that, to be a Minor House, Awakened Population and/or resources are not a prerequisite....
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  • I think this is probably the most accurate. House Skopos has one Awakened member, IIRC. Gives some great plot ideas and threads, too. :^)

    Oooh. I like it. This sounds like a nifty group, one that might be mentioned off-handed in my own game if you don't mind. :^)...
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  • Hermetic Minor Houses (And their Founding?)

    How to go about Founding 'em? I've a player interested in being a Boni who has it as a goal to go about Founding a Minor House in Ex Misc, and I thought I'd pick at the Hive Mind to see how yinz would play it. I know they don't necessarily need a lot of members and their M.O. can be all sorts of queer subjects viewed through a Hermetic lens (I'm looking at you, House Skopos!).

    So what do you all think? Thoughts? Please & Thank You!
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