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  • Some DBs might go "OH SHIT IT'S AN ANATHEMA," but some will be a lot more interested in who this new person is and what they're actually doing.

    If you have a common cause, or perhaps common enemies, why not make a deal? Many people are essentially opportunists, and would be entirely willing to work with someone they might not necessarily like (or fully trust) if they think they'll gain something by doing so. (It's unlikely that anyone has ever risen to serious power without making deals with people they thought were assholes along the way.) Anathema are terrifying monsters,...
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  • I, uh, don't think they've been depowered all that much. A Dawn Caste with Fivefold Bulwark Stance and an Excellency is damn near untouchable physically, and you could afford Integrity-Protecting Prana to shut out mind control as well. That's without spending any freebie points.

    I'm sure a mage could find some way to trouble the Solar, but he could probably thrash a coterie of vampires or pack of Garou without blinking.

    They would certainly have needed depowering to make it fair. It isn't fair at all. It'd probably get more interesting if you pitted Solars against...
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  • Science.

    No, really. Science (including chemistry) genuinely seems like the closest, out of all the existing Abilities, to cooking. And it probably should be under Intelligence anyway.

    There really should be a Crafts ability or something, but I am extremely reluctant to suggest expanding the list of Abilities.

    I guess I could see an argument for Arts, but cooking doesn't seem like a Wits thing so much as Intelligence....
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  • Jefepato
    replied to Scion Titanomachy PDF
    I do think "Titans must have at least one Titan Calling" seems inconsistent with "'Titan' is just a political designation some pantheons use for their enemies to legitimize attacking them" as implied by the Òrìshà/Loa section. There doesn't really need to be an objective difference between Gods and Titans IMO. Everyone should just have the Callings that suit them.
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  • I admit I'm not very experienced with Storypath yet, but the Mother Maw fight looks awfully difficult for the pregen characters, even without triggering the "fail state" boosts. Am I missing something?
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