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  • Jefepato
    replied to Questions on Ephemeral induction Technique
    Depends what you mean by "domain."

    The general themes of its Charms will probably be determined mainly by either your surroundings at the time you use the Charm, or by the Essence-patterns of previously-captured spirits if you use those.

    But, as Hakkonen said, the new spirit won't have an actual position in the Celestial Bureaucracy unless it gets hired for one. (Asking Ahlat to find your new god a position is basically the divine equivalent of getting your uncle's old buddy to give your kid an internship. And it might actually work, since Ahlat has a long...
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  • Jefepato
    replied to Ask a question, get an answer 2
    How do the Dragon-Blooded of the Realm (and other Immaculate-faithful places generally) interact with cooperative gods?

    Just as an example, consider Gri-Fel, the god of the Imperial City. Obviously, he's not in charge of the city (the Dragon-Blooded are in charge). But do they generally treat him with (at least superficial) respect, invite him to parties, and/or actually seek his opinion on issues of importance to the city? Or is he basically just expected to smile, shut the fuck up, and accept his share of Immaculate worship quietly?
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