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  • I mean, in strictly mechanical terms they gain the same things (the prospect of having a bunch of Exalted innovating new capabilities for them), but the real difference is that, as far as the Yozis are concerned, the GSPs work for them.

    Now, you know and I know that a GSP who can manage their Limit gain (one way or the other) has very little preventing them from putting in their two weeks' notice as soon as they get back to Creation. But the Yozis are pretty confident in their ability to manage these puny humans. And as long as most of the GSPs seem to be more or less doing their...
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  • Jefepato
    replied to [3e, PEACH] I wrote Sidereal Martial Arts
    I'm not sure I understand Wretched Betrayal of the Trusting Hand. What is the advantage of changing the target of your decisive attack before the original target has even chosen their defense (as opposed to just attacking the real intended target in the first place)?

    The idea of the Charm is cool and flavorful and giving the user an incentive to betray their allies is an ideal Blasphemy against the style, but it doesn't seem very powerful for a Charm that costs 2wp, unless I'm missing something important about the target-changing thing.
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  • In other words, it sounds like GSPs gaining access to the Charms of non-Yozi exactly like them gaining access to Yozi Charms.

    It's just that a non-Yozi Primordial probably has far fewer reasons to actually agree to that.
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  • Jefepato
    replied to Ask the Devs 3
    So, someone wielding Death at the Root can potentially suppress or even negate sorcerous workings (via Broken Circle Ruin, Lunars p. 338), which normally can't be done. I'm not sure how the effects work out in some cases.

    An (admittedly weird) example:

    A sorcerer uses a fairly simple Terrestrial (Ambition 2) working to create a species of rabbit-scorpion hybrids. Let's say the sorcerer originally creates a single breeding pair. A year later, a Lunar carrying Death at the Root shows up at the sorcerer's manse and quickly gets tired of dealing with scorpion-tailed bunnies....
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