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  • That's a good point -- an Edge probably makes more sense than a skill trick, since a skill trick granting Scale apparently only works for one round, and a chess grandmaster could beat you in chess all day regardless of Momentum....
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  • Thanks. I have to say, at first I was baffled to see "a chess grandmaster" as an example of mental Scale. Then I remembered that you can get Scale from a skill trick, which I assume is how you'd represent grandmastery in this system. (Although I am honestly not sure which of the sixteen skills would apply to a chess match.)

    So on that note, does a Scale boost from a skill trick stack with Mega-Attribute/Mega-Edge Scale? I had almost forgotten about skill tricks while reading all the crazy powers novas can get, but it does seem like a useful way to represent novas with...
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  • I don't actually have a problem with the Mega-Attributes having only specific functions per se, but it gets complicated enough that IMO the exclusions should be more clearly called out.

    The flavor text for Mega-Stamina actually says it grants "resistance to harm." You have to read the details pretty carefully to get the full picture, and I could easily see a new player genuinely reading the whole thing and not realizing what he's missing. It could really use a note like "Mega-Stamina alone does not apply to direct damage from enemy attacks; if you're trying to build...
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  • Back when the backer manuscript preview was released, I remember saying that we definitely needed more clarity about what the Mega-Attributes did and didn't apply to. The final book may be an improvement, but I feel things could be a lot more clear.

    Honestly, I think what we need is a detailed example. "Nova McExample has one dot in each of the nine Mega-Attributes, but no Mega-Edges. He gains bonuses A, B, and C but not X, Y, or Z, for which he would need..."

    The ideal explanation might actually be a full checklist of the traits required for a nova to be...
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  • Kidnapping a vampire and brain-draining him completely seems like an extreme measure. I mean, it's possible, but the vampires who would be easy-ish targets for this are likely to be younger vampires who don't necessarily know everything you want to know anyway.

    But in general, I agree that some mages should know more about vampires than the books usually imply. The average mage might know very little, but some mages would definitely take an interest in a supernatural group of that size.

    The real hard part probably isn't "finding someone who knows about vampires,"...
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