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  • I like the initiations and how each ones unique, the mote gathering system and the workings. I was thinking that if you kept it to terrestrial and low celestial you could have a magic system that was somewhere in between mortals and major templates but with the unique ability to create permanent changes with workings. I really love what you can do with such a flexible system and was wondering what major changes needed to be made to convert to COD. I already understand the spells would need reworking if they involve combat because the Exalted 3e combat rules are completely different....
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  • This is great. Maybe you could add something about how the physically look different or maybe an aura of weirdness as disadvantages something like each augmentation they have cause something about them to seem off making social roles harder and intimation easier. In the games Geralt was always being spotted because of his eyes maybe they all have to wear sunglasses so they don.t freak people out hence the men in black uniform. Good ideal though I didnt really like the drug part but couldnt think of a good way of keeping the overclock mechanic with out it so thanks! Though depending on how much...
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  • Exalted Sorcery System in COD

    What adjustments and changes do you think would have to be made to Exalted 3rd edition rules of sorcery to use in COD. I could see making it a minor template for terrestrial level works and spells but increasing it to celestial and solar might be outside the realm of normal COD gamelines. I understand the spells themselves would have to change because of the way the combat system works but what about the rules for mote generation and workings?
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