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  • Netjeru
    The Netjeru have their origins in ancient Egypt among the ruling noble families and high priests of the Old Kingdom. For thousands of years the Netjeru have preserved their religious traditions, worshipping the gods of ancient Egypt and practices their necromantic magics. More strangely, they have also preserved ancient bloodlines as well - the blood of ancient Egyptian kinds still flows within the veins of inbred ghoul families who serve the Netjeru and who the Netjeru almost exclusively embrace from. The Netjeru are extremely conservative and hierarchal, with harsh punishments...
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  • Good responses y’all. Let me see if I can order things a little to create a coherent alternative setting.

    These are cool, but they could use a few more details. What Sect are they in? What do they do?

    I think that these will need to be a bloodline. They are just too dangerous to the Masquerade and have too few social abilities to be a major part of the vampire world.

    These are cool, I think the, and can see the, being players in the Camarilla. I wonder if Auspex would be an appropriate Discipline for them? I could imagine vampires of...
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  • Thank you 😁...
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  • Alternative V:tM - Creating New Clans

    Years and years ago, I created a thread where, as a game of sorts, people collaborated to create an alternative V:tM setting. By creating new Clans. I thought it’s been enough years, it might be fun to play that game again.

    Sometimes there are threads or discussions about alternate versions of various OWoD games, like randomly assigning Clans to the Camarilla and Sabbat or eliminating all mages. Well, this will be a similar but perhaps more collaborative thread. Creating our own Clans from scratch and filling up the Camarilla and Sabbat with them. So, there will be 13 Clans, including...
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  • According to my count, here are the current votes for favorite, not counting least favorites.

    Bone Gnawers 18
    Glass Walkers 18
    Silver Fangs 17.5
    Shadow Lords 15.5
    Get of Fenris 15
    Children of Gaia 13.5
    Uktena 11.5
    Fianna 11.5
    Black Furies 8
    Red Talons 8
    Silent Striders 8
    Stargazers 6.5
    Wendigo 4
    White Howlers 3
    Black Spiral Dancers 2

    Fera 2
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  • In no particular order:

    Get of Fenris
    I like Vikings and Norse tropes and/or stereotypes. They go great with many werewolf themes, so the GoF may well be the most thematic of the Tribes in my opinion. In many ways, they personify werewolves as a culture of warriors. It will suck if we lose them.

    Silver Fangs
    I like the fallen nobility aspect of this tribe. The nobility, the madness, the sense of superiority combined with failures and flaws. I find them to be very complex from a role playing perspective.

    Black Spiral Dancers
    Like the Get...
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  • You make some good points. In terms of Disciplines, there are a number of Clans that would make better spies. I was involved in a LARP once where I was a Giovanni and I used ghosts to spy on people and it was super effective. Combine that with Dominate and I was a mastery of both gaining information and disseminating true or false information.

    Any Clan with Auspex can just about make Obfuscate obsolete for spying - not just negating it but Auspex 5 allows you to be an extremely stealthy spy who can also read minds.

    Nosferatu have a few reasons why they would be better...
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  • I would say no. In fact, if anything, there is a bit of the opposite in my opinion. Any feelings that existed before the embrace are likely to decline or become twisted with time if not the embrace itself.

    That isn’t to say that a sire can’t have strong feelings for the childe. Though those feeling stem from what ever connection existed before the embrace or what ever natural human inclinations that the sire has. I’m the Camarilla, getting to sire another vampire is a privilege, and a vampire is unlikely without some positive feelings towards the prospective vampire. This could...
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  • I’ve done something similar, with most Clans as members of the Camarilla and the Anarchs existing mostly within the Camarilla.

    I also have a version of the Sabbat as being almost entirely Clanless. This Sabbat rejects the idea of Clans as being inherently divisive in keeping young vampires from uniting against the elders and even as the taint of the Antediluvians. With rare exceptions, almost all Sabbat vampires who belong to a Clan are elders were were around during the Anarch Revolts and even they don’t acknowledge their Clan or organize based on it. For centuries, almost every...
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  • Well, I’ll add my voice to those who love Old Clan Tzimisce but aren’t particularly interested in the newer Clan. I love the ultra-traditional, territorial, honorable yet cruel elders of the Clan and would want to use them in a modern game as well. The sadistic body horror stuff doesn’t do it for me, in fact some of the material on them almost seemed to fetishize torture, which was a bit creepy.

    I love this character concept and have long wanted the Tzimisce to be in the Camarilla....
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  • I think that both having a different kind of werewolf (like a curse spread through a bite) or a different setting focus (other than protecting the environment from the Wyrm) are reasonable goals. You could change W:tA so that being a Garou isn't hereditary but more mystical in origin, or maybe even spread through bites, though if it was spread through a bite then why wouldn't the Garou transform millions of people to better fight the Wyrm?

    You could heavily change the setting as well.

    One thing to keep in mind is that all WW games have cultures of supernatural creatures...
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  • There are numerous other ways that werewolves could be done in an RPG that are different from Garou in W:tA. The issue is, I think, is that if you're playing some other sort of shape shifter who isn't a Garou, then that character isn't really going to have any place in a W:tA chronicle and the splat isn't going to have much overlap with Garou even if they have some similar abilities. So I think it would be interesting to have different kinds of werewolves as NPC's in a Mage or Vampire game, for example, but in a standard W:tA game they might be out of place.

    If I were doing a very...
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