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  • Yes, great post, I agree.

    Which is why I like my own house rule that the victim must taste the vampire blood. It prevents players from getting silly with blood bonding and keeps them from feeling unfairly victimized too.

    If players can easily blood bond hundreds or thousands of victims, there certainly could be some negative consequences, but the V:tM game breaks down. We get a bunch of wacky hijinks trying to manage your hundreds of obsessed fans.

    It also gives players a heads up if someone tries to blood bind them. They drink the soup, they can taste vampire...
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  • My personal rule is that blood bonding actually requires the victim to taste the blood. That doesn't mean that the blood must be pure, but it must pure enough that they can actually taste that they are drinking blood. This cuts down on cheap tricks, including blood bonding thousands of people by putting a drop of your blood into their drinking supply or bonding a victim with blood filled darts.

    So I'd say if they drink the bloody soup, they should at know that they are tasting vampire blood when they drink the soup....
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  • Personally, I think I’d use Wits for shooting. Wits is more about how quickly your mind can react to things, where as I see Dexterity as being more about being able to move your body quickly. High Dexterity could be for a gymnast, but shooting a gun seems more about connecting your mind and hand than the sort of athleticism that Dexterity represents.

    I know a guy is who a great shoot with a pistol, in fact he has all kinds of trophies and awards for shooting competitions. But he’s a middle aged fat guy who surely wouldn’t rate high on many tests of Dexterity. That further leads...
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  • Sergeant Brother
    replied to Donald Trump in the WoD
    One of the common themes of many of the game lines is how the supernatural controls politics. The Technocracy, Camarilla, and Pentax are all huge power players in mundane politics. Of course, they also say that some things are just caused by humans too, so it’s a mix.

    If I were to include Trump in a WoD game, I think I would it his portrayal reflect reality in a major sense: Trump is a normal guy and not really under anybody’s control. He is a weird candidate that isn’t a pawn of the Camarilla, Pentex, or the Technocracy but they never took him seriously until he won. Kind of...
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