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  • Phoenixfallen
    replied to Murkblur Contract
    Fair enough. I guess I need to see this put in action a bit more before I rule it out. Thanks for the replies!
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  • Phoenixfallen
    started a topic Murkblur Contract

    Murkblur Contract

    Please help me make sure I understand the rules clearly here.

    Regarding the use of Murkblur (Jewels Contract), if successful, causes the Blindness tilt in both eyes, Exceptional Success adds the Deaf tilt as well. But if I'm reading this right, these tilts last one turn, since the contract has a duration of 1 Turn.

    Compared to other contracts, this seems a bit lackluster. Three seconds seems an awfully short time for the expenditure of Glamour it requires, and it only seems to be really effective in a defensive application - not even a really good one either....
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