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  • Maitrecorbo
    replied to [Companion] Theocentrism & Evidance Dials
    Other people working on their iron dial setting for scion.

    Me :
    "Hm, i wonder what would happen if i cram every dials to gold ... and then push the dials further." XD
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  • Carthians:
    - Let's build not just a community but a society
    - The Law is made by all and it is to be followed by all.

    Circle of the Crone:
    - You are in the image of the Crone.
    (Admitedly the circle is the one i struggle the most to outline properly in my games)

    - Our rule is to last forever
    - A king in their own domain

    Lancea Sanctum:
    - Punish the sinful
    - Protect the Innocent
    - You are damned for a purpose

    Ordo Dracul:
    - What happens if i poke this??
    (More seriously)...
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  • Maitrecorbo
    replied to second titan war
    I prefer to look less at what the titans do themselves in regard to a war against the gods and more how they influence The World.

    Using Gaia as an example, i'm less interested in her trying to overthrow Zeus herself and more on could there be a cult that want her to overthrow Zeus. Or is there a scion going around that people never heard before that Gaia declares to be the "Son of Zeus, destined to overthrow his father" as a part of a plan or something.

    The Mortal World is also the "level" where i prefer to have my mix and match of antagonist from...
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  • Maitrecorbo
    replied to You Know what I love MK I
    I love that in the general horribleness that is 2020, there is a young humpback whale that decided to swim up the St-Lawrence river to come and play around the port of Montreal.
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  • Hm the thing with the versatility dial is that it is already taken into account.
    The book does mention to not treat the dials as rigid things and that if you feel the need for the game to move a dial up or down then you should do so.
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  • Honestly scion's greatest weakness is that its the first in its new system/mechanics.

    And with all games that have this problem i have found that each further book is just that little bit better in regards to its relationship with its mechanic.

    All in all, i will say that despite this i've found that scions pull through.

    For me the companion book. Especially the mythic dial section is an absolute blast to read.
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