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  • Oh thats amazingly useful.
    Thank you
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  • What to do with beats and xp in a oneshot?

    Hi my question is as the title says.
    I am preparing for a changeling one shot in a few weeks but i feel that this question can touch on multiple gamelines.

    Initially i was thinking of simply ignoring beats and xp but a lot of mechanics (mainly but not limited to conditions) use beats as ways to incentivise players advancing the story.
    So im wondering if there is a way to use beats/xp.
    Im thinking allowing it to be spent at any tine instead of between arcs.
    Or maybe picking specific places in the one shot when the players can spend them.
    Or are there...
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  • I apologise if its something thats been answered before but can hobgobelins leave the hedge?

    I dont recall ever reading an example of it happening but there alos technically nothing stopping it that im aware of.

    If it can happen,
    Do they gain a mask?
    Is there a risk to not returning to the hedge fast enough?
    There are probably a few other questions im not thinking of right now.

    Thank you in advance for your help
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  • As i see it you have 3 options.
    1. As it is in the books. Every game sessions dtarts with 0 momentum. No book keeping required to remember.
    2. Every game session starts with 1 or more momentum. From experience momentum generates super easily. But sometimes a player wants to use a knack at the beginning of the session and starting at 1 allows for that.
    3. Momentum keeps from one session to the next. This requires the most book keeping and doesnt encourage the players to use the momentum so it wouldnt be my preferred option. But some players may be nervous at the idea of "losing"...
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  • Maitrecorbo
    replied to Are the Strix still a focus
    Ive found that the best use of the Strix is not in center stage of a game but rather when they are kept on the side of the screen so to speak.
    The three ways ive seen strix work best are.

    1. Rumors.
    " I've heard from a carthian who's going out with an acolyte who heard it from their circle priestess that the vamp you're going to meet is possessed by and evil bird darkness spirit or something, be careful"

    2. Spanners in the work.
    "Okay coterie, we need to put our years long plan on hold because i just heard from the sheriff that they found...
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  • You can also have famous figures who died as Heroes or Demigods.
    And either use them as reincarnations as new mortals or have their ghosts as Guides.

    Im also fiddling with using a concept derived from Mantles that i call Tatters or Rags. Not quite mantles that nevertheless managed to gain some manner of ... fateful momentum.

    Anyway these figures dont have to be gods to be used in a game i think.
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  • Hm, i understand thank you.
    It might then be just a question of telling the players to view the geist as their primary character but still being in control of the geist.
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  • Im wondering. How possible would it be to run a Geist game but with the Geist as the primary point of view instead of the sin-eater ?
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