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  • Well ... no, it isn't. You can drift Beast that way by designing PCs who view their condition as a vice to be restrained, but that isn't what's in the text. Beast isn't about people who are trying to control a deep-seated impulse to do evil. It's about people who have that impulse ... and are, if anything, encouraged to indulge it, limited only by the practical risk of being caught and punished. Moreover, the NPCs that exist as faces of that risk are, in the main, described with contempt, as broken half-mad wretches who often find and punish the wrong Beast. The revisions made between the Kickstarter...
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  • Michael Brazier
    replied to Gambling in CofD
    A gambling problem is best represented as a persistent Condition, giving a Beat when the character bets and loses something he shouldn't.

    For actual gambling? Depends on the game. If it's something with an element of skill, like poker, contested rolls for the "big pot" of the night should work. For games like craps or blackjack, I'd drop the d10s and play a literal round of the game, with normal dice or a deck of cards. For betting on sports events, the idea is to predict the result from the past performances of the contestants, which looks like a research task.
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