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  • Huh. Have you seen Don't Rest Your Head? This reminds me of Madness dice from that game.
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  • And there in a nutshell is why Princess - at least the version I edit - has had organization rules for years.

    Could you expand on this? Because it isn't clear to me that Nobles are Fundamentally Not Human - especially if they're empowered by the Bright Dream. After all the Bright Dream is the thoughts of Humanity, and magic that draws from human thoughts can't be far removed from human nature. So I'm puzzled by this remark....
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  • Out of all the possible options, why pick Beast as the basis of a magical girl/superhero game? A ruleset designed for incarnate nightmares that lurk outside the light of civilization, waiting for fools to trespass, can't be expected to work well for magically empowered heroes who fight monsters.

    For example, you've taken no notice of Beast's most distinctive intrinsic power, the Lair Traits.These grant a Beast the power to transform the world around them, creating an environment that favors them and hinders everyone else. It fits very well for the sort of monster a Beast is - a nightmare...
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