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  • Regarding the Huntsmen - what happens if, while a Huntsman is tracking a changeling but hasn't captured him, the changeling goes into the Bastion where the Huntsman's heart lies? Can the Huntsman follow the changeling in and find his heart, or does he lose the trail altogether?

    And if you return a Huntsman's heart, does that destroy the Title that keeps him hunting, or just send it back to the True Fae? Because if it's the latter a changeling isn't any better off for releasing a Huntsman from his bondage. But in the former case freeing a Huntsman permanently diminishes the Fae who...
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  • The linear-chargen/quadratic-advancement combo in the oWoD and nWoD 1e systems imply that the only practical way to get a trait above 3 dots is by buying it in character creation - and therefore the mechanically optimal PC starts as an absurdly narrow specialist, only to broaden in play. Using linear methods in both character creation and advancement avoids favoring specialists over generalists; a starting PC can be a generalist without being doomed to watch the specialists zoom past him to greater power. That's the real reason why CofD advancement is linear.
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