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  • Jane_Dargason

    Psylocibe Decumbens would likely be some kind of Primordial. McKenna was really deeply obsessed with it and saw it as the explanation to almost everything (from human rise to consciousness to the mysteries of Eleusis to the Soma of the Sanskrit), and even if that's not likely to be accurate, I'd like to think that Psilocybin was some kind of trickster who would hear those suppositions with a sybilline smile. In Nahuatl, it is called Teonanacatl, Flesh of the Gods, and I'd think it appropriate if the Tykes held this to be litteraly true.

    (The other Primordials...
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  • Mateus Luz

    Cocaine having Journey has several reasons, albeit I need to flesh those out.
    • First, as it's often referred to as a White Horse, I reckon having it mounting (or being) a phantasmal steed would be a propos.
    • Second, a common stereotype associated to cocaine is the mules who have to carry it from one country to another, at the risk of being found and imprisoned. I figured those could pray to the Good Ol' Brother Cocaine to help them not being found during these long journeys.
    • Lastly, the original users of coca (andine lama sheperds) used it to relieve their lassitude
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  • [Homebrew Pantheon]: The Tykes, Pantheon of Psychoactives (WIP)

    (Main inspiration as to why to create a Pantheon made of sentient drug thought-forms:

    The Tykes

    The Tykes are physical, and it shows in the way they lived their Titanomachy – not in a distant primordial time, but in today’s history, kicking over and over again like an acid flashback.
    • The scandal of the Bacchanals?
    • The persecution of Witches?
    • The prohibition in the 20s?
    • The Hippie Golden Age?
    Most Tykes consider themselves apart from the rest of the Gods. After all, they’re the most in synch with humans, tied to substances that...
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