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  • Exthalion
    replied to Wedge formation
    Do (Bad military thing) to the battle group being moved through such that they break into two smaller groups on either side which may or may not be able to rejoin.

    Alternatively, model things as smaller battlegroups. A Republican Legion of 5000 was made up of 20 maniples of 120 which could theoretically be broken down into 3 lines of 40 that cycled in and out of battle.

    So it is a matter of scale. Individual small battle groups might care about being able to move through others. If you are a general of 4 legions that might be a useful thing to happen which is well below...
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  • The largest island in the West is the size of France, and the Realm is a month away. It seems unlikely that food imports from other directions are a significant fraction of the local diet....
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  • My longrunning Twilight is constitutionally incapable of producing anything less than "the best". This isn't always a good thing. He treats budgets like starting advances, lavishes an inhuman number of successes on minutia like the shelves in a library, and liberally throws around sorcerous workings. He has exposed himself as a Solar and been chased out of places by news of a coming Wyld Hunt multiple times because he cannot be subtle when craft is involved and he crafts all the time.

    Also, despite being fantastically wealthy, he never got over the first time he got run...
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