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  • Exthalion
    replied to Shuankhsen Cults
    There might also be misanthropes who think the world is too full of pain to be worth its continued existence. The people life has hurt the most who were offered a path to hurt it back.

    The feed to avoid being eaten is more or less the Judge's position. Of course, they set up people to fail, to teach the way of rage and punish its unleashing, etc....
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  • [Removed, posted in wrong thread]
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  • We are working on a Working in game to create a novel plant species but the players don't know if it is Terrestrial 1 or Celestial 1 because we stacked so many additional features onto it.

    We used Kudzu as a base. We blended it with Moly (from the Odyssey) to give it some minor anti-enchantment properties, had the thorns become cold iron to make life difficult for fey, then used a demesne-dwelling species to allow the result to grow rapidly in demesnes but not elsewhere to prevent it from spreading everywhere.

    The players all agree that one of those crosses would be Terrestrial...
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