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  • Evocations look extremely powerful for the dragon-blooded. Give them those, and give them good defensive charms, and make sure they outnumber the players at least 2:1. 3:1 is better. Good defensive charms will help them last against an onslaught of solar power; things like decisive soak and so on, and those will help bring the Solar player down and make them have to be more careful with mote expidenture. Really, the best thing to do against Hail-Shattering Practice is to try to drain that character of motes. The best thing to do against something like Heaven Sword flash is to have Dragon-Blooded...
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  • nihnoz
    replied to Ask the Devs
    in Ragara Feria's writeup, her parry booster blinds attackers on a block. I dont mind that kind of effect as an effect that certain dragon-blooded have, but if every db who invests in Melee has it it seems like it would get pretty annoying. Have u folks addressed this at all or did playtesting show it to be fine or something? or is it just an abstraction for the sake of the QC?
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