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  • Honestly, if you're running your own campaign it's better to make the technocracy weaker than it appears to be in the earlier editions. M20 has more balance and less 'bad history' in this aspect as well as a 'use what you want the way you want' attitude that allows for a wider diversity in story telling
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  • Dogstar
    started a topic Mythos Based Faction?

    Mythos Based Faction?

    I've just finished reading Winter Tide by Ruthanna Emrys which has some excellent low key Life magic in it and I was wondering if there is a write up anywhere of a Mage faction that uses a Cthulhu mythos paradigm? i.e. One whose magic is based on principles such as the 'complete irrelevance of mankind in the face of the cosmic horrors that apparently exist in the universe', the worship of powerful but uncaring gods, and that uses symbology, mathematics, and lots of books.
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  • Interesting, theoretically a starting character with Forces 2, Matter 2, and Prime 2 could make bulletproof clothing trinkets under the M20 rules.
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  • So how do the successes on your Arete roll for the Matter 3 effect determine how bulletproof it is? Is it a fixed 4 soak effect or should it vary?
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  • M20 - How to Create a Temporarily Bulletproof Leather Coat?

    The M20 rules say that with Prime 2 you can enchant objects with quintessence to protect against harm:

    Weapons or attacks infused with Quintessence through
    Prime 2 Effects may hurt spirits or inflict aggravated damage,
    and substances infused the same way may protect against such
    harm - M20 p520
    and in How Do You Do That it says:
    Using Prime 2, the mage can “energize” the reality of an
    object so that it can inflict or soak aggravated damage. Working
    that Effect into weapons allows them to harm spirits or dish
    out serious hurt against vampires,
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  • Dogstar
    replied to Rotes of Life 1-3
    Note that in my post above I was implying that Science(Botany) is not necessarily what we think of as modern science - it could just as easily represent the in depth knowledge that a druid would have, or a shaman of a jungle tribe. The name of the skill isn't important what matters is that the character have some knowledge of how things work that fits their paradigm and that when the player tries to do 'silly' stuff the ST has an excuse to make it difficult for them
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