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  • There's a major problem with this assumption in that it's utter crap. If it was easy to get rich by stealing things there wouldn't be any jails and if it was easy to get rich from business there wouldn't be so many bankrupt businessmen and closed shops.

    The a fault in this thinking is known as 'survivorship bias' and it's a very common fallacy in vampire fiction and WoD games. Just being a vampire does not guarantee success at mundane activities, there's certainly an edge to be had from certain vampire powers but the dumb assumption that vamps always succeed at business purely by...
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  • Dogstar
    replied to Revenant Mage and Ghoul Merit
    Personally I've never understood why there's such an extreme bias against ghoul mages, on a purely balance level those couple of dots in disciplines are pretty useless for all but the most minmaxed of characters.

    It seems to me that the real problem is that one of the writers/game designers has a problem with them and has abused their position to screw this option over.
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  • This argument looks like one of the typical meta-problems you get with role-playing groups, especially when they try to justify game rules with 'real-world' rules. It's a fundamentally wrong step to attempt to do so but also a very easy path to wander down. In a game with magic and spirits it's important not to use 'technocratic' thinking and enforce badly thought out scientific rules (especially when most people's grasp of science is at a tabloid level). The place for ideas like that is during game-design by the writer.

    To me it's important to remember that the rules promote fairness...
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