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  • You know that, the last Fianna Garou doesn't, he thinks that 'sufficient stress' will make kinfolk turn so he's pretty much running a bunch of teens ragged by training them in the woods (vicious hand to hand combat, outrageously difficult assault courses, cross country 'pursuits', etc)

    No the last Fianna isn't the skin dancer, the skin dancer moved away a long time ago, this is just what was left behind

    That's an excellent idea, thanks....
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  • Dogstar
    started a topic Looking for a powerful spirit

    Looking for a powerful spirit

    I'm setting up a background of two warring tribes, one Fianna the other Uktena, who have been at odds since the Fianna kinfolk first settled in America. A mountain range divides the two tribes but they have fought over possession of several caerns/spiritual sites within those mountains for the last couple of centuries.

    Twenty odd years ago a skin dancer arose among the Fianna kinfolk and proceeded to cull all but a couple of the Garou in both tribes but the Fianna lost badly until only one young inexperienced warrior was left to lead the tribe. Since then he has attempted to force...
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