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  • Sanctaphrax
    replied to Nocturnals (2e) Drive Share
    Thanks for keeping this available.

    It really is a great book. Better than a lot of the stuff we paid money for during 2e.
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  • Sanctaphrax
    replied to Why Craft Sucks & How I Fixed It
    Terrestrial Charms

    General Charms

    Masterful Dragon-Artisan Expertise
    Cost: 1m per die; Mins: Craft 1, Essence 1
    Type: Supplemental
    Keywords: Balanced, Earth, Excellency
    Duration: Instant
    Prerequisites: None

    The Dragon-Blood may add dice to a Craft roll at a cost of one mote per die. Her dice cap is increased by 1 if she’s working with tools and materials of exceptional quality, or by 2 if her tools and materials are of legendary quality. When crafting an Artifact or Manse, exceptional means 7 or 8 rolls from workshop and materials...
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