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  • Are Thin Bloods the future of VtM? And, how do you use them in your game?

    Arguably, the most significant change made to the VtM setting by V5 is the new take on Thin Bloods.

    In many ways, TBs could be read as an altogether new species of vampire.

    Generation is irrelevant to them, as catenating blood allows theoretically infinite reproduction. Clan flaws, being based on blood potency, spare TBs. TBs, in some ways, have no disciplines. In other ways can adapt on the spot to have all of them, as they tailor their diet to the situation. Their building block mechanic (merits/flaws) allow some to walk in daylight, appear human, or use the altogether...
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  • re: "power" vs. "discipline"?

    I'm taking a deep breath and moving on to other things.

    The terms are a classic distinction without a difference at this point. It could be as small a difference as that "power" has fewer letters and fits better in text boxes.
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