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  • SoulGambit
    replied to Mechanics Questions
    Is there a limit on Enhancement Bonuses from different sources, and do Enhancements apply after meeting the difficulty or before? The rules in Origin under core mechanics seem to be at odds with the section under Knacks in Hero, unless that limit onbEnhancements under knacks is only keant to apply to Knacks.

    A hard cap makes sense (given that +10e and up is otherwise very possible, and there us a sidebar cautioning against giving more than +3e). Applying some enhancements after meeting the difficulty and other enhabcements after a single success also feels off.
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  • SoulGambit
    started a topic Mechanics Questions

    Mechanics Questions

    So some friends and I are going to be playing Scion 2e soon. I had some mechanical questions.

    1. For Boons and other effects that grant Birthrites, what is the rating of those Birthrites? I.e. Cheval's Dance with the Divine.

    2. Guides grant you access to Callings, allowing you to purchase knacks from that calling. However, since you dont have any dots in that calling, how do you equip it?

    3. Can you purchase the Soft Armor tag more than once on armor? There are parts of the book that seem to think you can.
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