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  • Reasor
    replied to Vampires in Space
    Food for thought: What if solar radiation is even more lethal to vampires once they leave the protection of Earth's magnetosphere? Maybe they're incapable of leaving Earth. Maybe Gehenna turned Earth into a vampire planet, and that's why humanity left for the stars.
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  • What I got out of the V20 Black Hand book was that the Setites wanted access to Enoch in order to help resurrect their dead Antedeluvian, the mummy Inauhaten knew that letting them get it would be a bad idea, and he conscripted the death mages who became the Nagaraja to protect Enoch - in one version of their origin story, in a game setting where you can never take origin stories as gospel. Just because an elder is depicted propagandizing to a neonate with it, doesn't make it true.

    This, I agree with. Thaumaturgy has the same problem that spellcasting has in...
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