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  • Reasor
    replied to Dementation?
    I see Dementation as struggling to squeeze too many clan archetypes into one discipline. It's the Zany Prankster, I Can Kill You With My Mind, and Cassandra the Seer, rolled into one. If you were to break it down and ship its powers out to other disciplines as amalgams, V5 style, it'd be divided between Dominate, Auspex, and maybe Presence.

    Maybe that's not the worst thing you could do with it.
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  • The essential problem I've always had with the blood sorcery disciplines is that selling books with more blood sorcery powers over the course of an expansion is always part of the business model. If I were still actively storytelling, I'd crack down with a house rule that each path is a separate discipline and each ritual is an amalgam power with a second discipline as a requirement. It's all from the power in the blood, so it works by the same rules as the rest of the powers in the blood. Pay the experience costs if you want to be a Halliwell sister instead of a vampire.

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  • LOL every post on the announcement video is someone asking if it supports the 20th Anniversary Edition games.
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  • Wraith takes the Caine myth as given; those two game lines have a fair amount of overlap built in, with interaction with Wraiths being the whole focus of one of the vampiric Disciplines, and the Tal'mahe'ra figuring into Wraith's conclusion in Ends of Empire.

    Demon: the Fallen plays it straight, too, with Caine's murder of Abel having been one of the most significant moments in the War, and Caine figures in Lucifer's doomsday prophecies in "Days of Fire."
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  • House Tremere's interest in Vykos dates back to when Vykos, Goratrix, and Tremere were all mortals, and when House Tremere was still a part of the Order of Hermes.

    Even in the Dark Ages setting, this is far enough back in history to just merit a brief mention in Vykos' biographies from a few books here and there. I think it mostly serves as a bit of trivia to take the Tzimisce/Tremere feud and make it very, very personal for one of the game's signature characters.
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  • The dates are inconsistent because no one responsible cared about this storyline going anywhere or having a canon resolution. Even BJD* neglects to wrap it up. You have wiggle room to set the dates whenever suits you best.

    *One of my favorite scenes from BJD has Vasantasena fingering Elimalech as the killer, and then blaming the deaths of the Tremere Antitribu on him also (which is known to be wrong). The closest thing the Sabbat has to a visionary psychic seer doesn't know jack about what happened, either. It's all literally just a story seed for you to work with at your game...
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