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  • Using Presence or Dominate directly on the Werewolf would probably be the safest bet. Those don't have counter-disciplines, like Auspex vs Obfuscate or Auspex vs Chimerstry; barring some special anti-mind control Gift that I don't know about, the Lupine would resist with its Mental stats, which they're not exactly famous for.
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  • There's certainly wiggle room enough in the span of history for ur-Shulgi to be a very early Apostate, and for some mysterious Third to have crawled away from the event that birthed the bloodline's Methusalehs, Moloch and Nergal. Indeed, the story of ur-Shulgi having been created in order to organize the bloodline and bring them all to one battlefield to be defeated says a lot about the Baali's numbers back then.

    (I also love that there has never been an official metaplot story about this Third. Maybe it's still plotting in the shadows, having evaded the Jyhad for milennia; maybe...
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